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3rd December 2014, 00:50
The Christmas story - as portrayed by young children in New Zealand
This is Sooo Good. I feel sorry for the poor donkey!

It's the Christmas story told by children from St Paul's Church in New Zealand.
I loved the sheep and take note of the 3 Kings, the one on the left.

3rd December 2014, 12:36
Another great way Ray :)

5th December 2014, 00:52
Merry Xmas,,,,... https://www.youtube.com/embed/ln01p1M2cH0

A Scottish Christmas Fairy,

5th December 2014, 01:17

7th December 2014, 00:41
Merry Christmas,
A nice bit of Xmas poetry,

14th December 2014, 00:19
More festive stuff...been out Christmas shopping and now this is exactly how I feel ;) lol


14th December 2014, 00:40

Very good!, sums it up for me!! LOL! ;) Greetings from Yorkshire (Northern England), and a very merry Xmas to you and yours!! :o

All the best, Dave x x

14th December 2014, 03:22
Greetings from New Jersey (Central Jersey)

Glad you enjoyed it Dave, yep sums it up for me too! Loved the poor guy rigging up the lights!! LMAO ;) Had me rolling… I think he sounded like every man in my country, and possibly yours too haha

Merry Xmas right back to you and yours :)

CC xox

14th December 2014, 11:31
Hi CC, That was very funny. Think the only difference between your country and ours at Christmas is... its us lovely ladies, not the men who do all the work putting up the lights and the Christmas tree etc etc we wouldn't trust a man with that job. LOL ........Zipperdee do da xx

14th December 2014, 13:27
LOL Oh that’s interesting Zipedee do da. My hubby sits amongst a pile of wires, and lights first detangling them, then figuring out which ones work, throwing out half of them, going out buying new ones, finding the extension cords…it goes on for hours, and when it’s finally done, and the house lights up he’s had an anxiety attack, and a bottle of wine, but it’s tradition, and it must be done…LOL

Wow you ladies do the shopping, the wrapping, the Tree, the decorating, the cooking the cleaning ,and rigging up the lights! Well Cheers, and thank goodness to you Lovely Ladies of the UK, without you there’d be no Christmas, and that would be bah humbug lol


14th December 2014, 15:33
Ha ha That is so true CC us Ladies are Stupendous. Most British men pretend its Bah humbug, but they love it really. Hey I like the idea of the bottle of wine being a tradition. Have a Wonderful Christmas. xx

14th December 2014, 16:24
Stupendous indeed! Well there is one thing the men in your country, and in mine have in common they get to pay the five months of bills !! LOL and sssssshh lets not tell them about all those extra presents we hide in the closets that they don’t know about. I call them compensation gifts for all we do :)

Hahaha yes a bottle of wine is a tradition in my home everyday, also known as compensation pay! lol

A wonderful Christmas to you and yours as well.


14th December 2014, 16:56
Again your spot on CC. I love the way you tick. And, following your example........lights flickering on the tree, Jim asleep (theres a change) and I'm on my second very large glass of wine. Happy Days xxx
Zippidee do da, zippidee dae, my oh my what a wonderful day! x

14th December 2014, 21:58
... Plenty of sunshine heading my way. Zip-a-dee-doo-dah! Zip-a-dee-ay! ;) XOXO

17th December 2014, 00:43
A Christmas Card....For U..

19th December 2014, 23:53
Snow Sculptures,
https://www.dropbox.com/s/r57c86ek82am33s/Fw%20Snow%20Sculptures%20from%20Annual%20Contest%2 0at%20Breckenridge%20CO..msg?dl=0

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