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21st December 2010, 19:13
Well what can I say because most if not all of you know me from Build-UK the original independent MND user group originally set up by the Rowntree foundation for MND patients to exchange information & experiences of living with MND & to this day continues to do so.

I have lived with MND for the best part of 15 years now, I'm to stubborn to let it ruin my life & hopefully helped many PALS with advise on living with MND through the Build-UK forum, where I play a tiny role amongst the others on there with help & advise, with straight uncensored answers & to be honest I think people in the appreciate our honesty on different subjects.

I hope I can help others on here also when & if I can.


22nd December 2010, 11:50
Hi Wayne and welcome :-)

Robyn Copley-Hirst
22nd December 2010, 12:06
Welcome to the forum, Wayne.

I'm sure your experience and advice has already helped so many people and will continue to do so.
Thanks for your contribution so far.

Best Regards,


22nd December 2010, 18:04
Hi Wayne, and welcome.

My experience of MND has all been rather recent, so I don't know too much about Build-UK at the moment, although I was made aware of it recently from a chat with an MNDA member at a fund-raising event. I think forums are a great way of communicating with people you may never have had a chance to meet in real life. I'm a moderator at another forum (not related to MND) and its amazing how people in sometimes faraway places can have information or advice that is helpful.


23rd December 2010, 17:13
Hello Wayne :)

do you mind me asking if uncensored means unmoderated? I thought they were two different things? I've never used a forum before this one so forgive me if i am getting myself all confused :)

to have lived with mnd for so long your experiences will benefit so many people, whatever you use online.

Hope to see you around after Christmas,


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