View Full Version : wearing my mnd shirt with pride

7th December 2014, 09:49
Off to do the Santa saunter with 8 other family members.we all get to dress as father Christmas so at least we will be warm lol.in aid of our local hospice who helped rob who we lost last year.then a meal out wearing our shirts.!another good and positive memory to make in honour of rob.love as always.caroline xxxxxx

7th December 2014, 11:04
Have a great day out CarolineI thank you xxxx

7th December 2014, 13:51
It rained before and after but the sun came out all the way through!!!we all had a good laugh and one of my class was doing it so we will show off our medals with pride tomorrow.now going to have a hot cooked grill.mmm.hope you are feeling better.we had it in the week and thought might miss the walk today but just wrapped up really well.love as always.caroline xxxxx

7th December 2014, 19:44
Well done Caroline that brought a smile to my face. Shame we can't see you all in your Santa outfits :) xxx Becky

8th December 2014, 12:07
Well done to you and your family - glad the sun was shining.

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