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19th December 2014, 16:04
When my wife Jane, who had MND, found the stair lift too hard to use, we wanted her to keep her bedroom upstairs as "her" space - rather than (as various people advised) relocate her downstairs into the dining room. We decided to install a through-floor lift able to carry Jane in her wheelchair, and selected a Terrys product. This was installed in March this year, and has been excellent - easy to use; quiet and reliable. The lift certainly helped to make Jane's last few months more bearable, still with her personal space and familiar surroundings. Jane died in October.

The lift is still here, and I am hoping to find someone else with MND who could get the same advantages from the lift that we experienced. I would need to ask a modest price (much less than a new unit) and there would be costs associated with extraction from our house, and re-assembly at the new location. All for discussion with a potential new user.

Does anyone know of somebody who could be interested ??

22nd December 2014, 14:42
Hi Lancaster;

Sorry to hear about your wife Jane. Welcome to the forum and I hope you get lots of support here and that you help others.

Regards Terry

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