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23rd December 2014, 02:58
Has anyone had a stem cell transplant? I went to a sports medicine doctor to have him make a brace for my foot drop. He said he doesn't make the braces any more and he referred me else where for that. He sat us down and said why didn't I consider stem cell transplant. Well, I was shocked!

He said what they do is take stem cells from my own body (from the fat on my tummy, just under the skin) and inject it in my vein. I have NEVER heard of such a thing!

I have known this doctor for 15 years and he has an impeccable reputation in the community. He has won scads of rewards and recognition.

Our insurance won't cover it due to the fact that it is still experimental.

I'm looking for some answers from folks who have had this or knows of someone who has had it or even knows about the technology.

I'm not one to go experimental. I would think if this works or even worked ONE time it would be more publicized.

Looking for opinions and answers. :eek:


23rd December 2014, 03:36
I don't know Lynne ...? Is he talking about what BrainStorm is doing? but I think the stem cells are from bone marrow in the spine? but maybe I'm wrong. Do your research, but just be aware of the scams and the quacks out there, and there are plenty of them. Do agree if it was working on mnd with success, you would think it would be publicized.

Remember what's experimental today becomes routine tomorrow.


23rd December 2014, 07:52
Yes, I also think it's somehow dobious, To me it sounds very strange.

23rd December 2014, 08:31
Hi Lynne,
There are occasional stories of people doing stem cell transplants but I think the regulatory framework in the US leads them to go off shore fairly quickly. Is this doctor giving you others who have had the treatment to talk to? Does he do something before re injecting the cells because if not how can it make any difference? Does he offer not to charge if the treatment does not work?
I would ask a lot of questions before parting with any cash. If he is merely trying this procedure in the hope of success he shouldn't be asking you to pay. Have you tried Googling his name and see if there is anything on the Internet about him and his treatments.
If you do proceed be very cautious.


23rd December 2014, 09:11
hello Blue eyes
Have a look at ALS express web site >> http://thealsexpress.com/my-blog/, That lady had it done a year ago in the states, still think she is pretty sick after it.

24th December 2014, 02:48
Thanks Darryl,
I sent that lady an e-mail. So, I will see what she has to say


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