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29th December 2014, 07:59
A British film, but released in Canada and the US before here - our turn Thursday.

I'd be waiting on the DVD myself, but all my reading on Eddie Redmayne say his performance should get him an Oscar nomination at the very least.

Have any US based 'friends' here seen it?

29th December 2014, 12:50
Hi Jock

I have a copy of it, but haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. My friend’s partner saw it and gave me the copy. He thought it was a very interesting movie. It will more then likely be on cable soon enough, but if you want the copy I can send it to you ?


29th December 2014, 13:02
Hi CC -

There's no need to go such trouble and expense. We'd have it here soon enough. Many thanks anyway. :)

29th December 2014, 13:23
It's no trouble, but ok. My copy is a bootleg so don't how the quality is on it , I might just wait as well for it to be on our ' on demand'.
cable. Every movie ends of there eventually.


29th December 2014, 14:46
Hi all

We have the advance showing in Cornwall on 1st January, I have arranged with the cinema to do a bucket collection and table with awareness leaflets, pens and bands to sell. A friend who is also a sufferer in a wheelchair is going to be there with his wife. Will let you all know how it goes x


29th December 2014, 15:14
Hi Chrissy ,

Just wanted to wish you a great new year, I won't say a happy one for obvious reasons ,but I do send it with a few hugs .


29th December 2014, 19:12
Mnda will also be collecting at several (60 I think) Cineworld cinemas on Friday 2nd January.

29th December 2014, 20:58
Hi all
I will be rattling a bucket in ciniworld Liverpool on the 2nd Jan. Hope to meet some nice people there.


29th December 2014, 21:22
Joe's really keen to see it, but to be honest, think I'm a bit frightened!! Joe hasn't allowed docs to give him much info on what's to come. I know they say every case different. Just worried he'll be totally floored!! He's in a wheelchair now, with some weakness in his arms, speech and swallow still fine. Suppose I'll see if he suggests it again.


30th December 2014, 13:30
Hi all,

I'm told there are over 75 separate collections going on up and down the country so a brilliant effort from Association volunteers.

There are opportunities to help out in Liverpool, Surrey, the Wirral, Loughborough, Northern Ireland and beyond.

We'll hopefully get some photos up on Facebook after the release on January 2.

Best wishes,


30th December 2014, 16:56
We, are collecting in Ipswich between 4 and 6 pm, hope it's not too cold.

1st January 2015, 23:44
Hi all

Just got back from our local cinema, we have raised an amazing Ģ346.84, I say amazing because the film was shown in a very small screening room (50'ish seats)
Copious amounts of tissues were used, fairly sure I made a show of myself, it is a very graphic, honest portrayal of MND, beware if you are living through this at the moment. I am glad that I have seen it though, watch out for awards, especially for the acting.
As always I hope you are all feeling as well as can be expected.

Thank you Pete for your kind words, you are always in my thoughts x


2nd January 2015, 16:41
Well done Chrissy! Thank you to you and all those collecting! Your love will keep you warm! Xx

2nd January 2015, 16:47
Hi all,

Lots happening today with over 70 collections nationwide.

This was taken last night at Chrissy's collection in Redruth (https://www.facebook.com/mndassociation/photos/a.294404517320658.66783.110477469046698/802516163176155/?type=1), and here are some other snaps of our volunteers out in force today. (http://www.twitter.com/mndassoc)

Thank you to everyone taking part.

Best wishes,


3rd January 2015, 11:00
Cleveland Branch collected yesterday, thank you to all the volunteers in Middlesbrough and throughout the UK. I saw the film and I shed a few tears. The film highlights the task and challenge our partners take on in caring for those of us living with the condition. It also suggests to me how important it is for the plwMND to fight back against its impact. Stephen Hawkin lived through the latter part of the 20th century without the practical support that we have to help us today. The image of him dragging himself up the stairs to get to a toilet will stay with me for a long time. Jane leaving Stephen I can understand. Stephen leaving Jane I cannot.

3rd January 2015, 20:27
The Ipswich one collected Ģ286. Not to bad. They were made very welcome and had a good time. We have three days of Supermarket collections on the 15, 16 and 17th of this month in the Ipswich area if anyone can spare a couple of hours.


3rd January 2015, 20:59
Went to see the film in Nottingham last night. Very emotional film. Must have been good has it kept hubby awake all the way through and that doesn't happen often. Met a very nice man from the Nottingham branch who was collecting.

4th January 2015, 13:27
You have to forgive my ignorance ,exactly why was this film made ?? ,now don't get me wrong I have long admired one of our patrons and not that I fully understand or the need to understand the theory of how things began just a tad before I was born, and what that information has made our lives that much better by knowing exactly what happened so long ago,maybe I am missing some deep meaningful reason ,so can someone explain please. Or is it just a film about Steven Hawkings life.

4th January 2015, 14:19
Hi Pete,
I understand the film was more to do with Jane's side of living with MND and whatever the motive for it's production it raises awareness of the disease just like the ice bucket challenge. It is to be hoped our charity moves further up the ladder of recognition.

Best wishes.

6th January 2015, 17:37
I went to see this on Sunday. It was the first time I have been to the cinema in fourteen years, but i didn't feel that I could talk friends into watching it if I didn't do the same myself.
Eddie Redmayne is simply astonishing in the role, he and Felicity Jones played their roles with amazing accuracy and sensitivity. Several times though the film I found myself likening situations to those faced by John and, it was funny, sad, emotional and strangely cathartic for me. The joy of Stephen hooning around in his first motorised wheelchair, the frustration they both feel and helplessness Jāne feels - all beautifully and sensitively displayed.
I laughed loudly when Stephen got his electronic speech aid for the first time - he started typing 'A Brief Hisory of Time' - when John got his speech aid the first thing he typed was 'make me a coffee, bitch'!
I'm not going to lie, it was a tough watch, and many people thought I was mad going, but I feel like it helped me and that's all that matters.

24th February 2015, 00:44
Your man won the Oscar for best actor in the Theory of Everything! Have to say he was so sincerely gracious about it too! Loved that!

I finally got a chance to watch the movie he did give a brilliant performance. The part where the marriage was ending was so sweet and tender it had me crying along with him. I have to admit all of that science stuff was way, way over my head. The black hole, the universe expanding, reversing time ??? Huh ?? How do we reverse time ?? And if we could can you just imagine the possibilites! Lol

My favorite part was when his brilliant scientific analytical mind acknowledged in the possibility there is a
God :) Loved that!

MND has had the spotlight these days..The IBC, The Theory of Everything, an Academy Award, GM6, the stars are aligning, a cure must be coming !! I truly believe it is on it’s way…:)


24th February 2015, 15:55
Hi CC,
Much like yourself, I have never found the sense in wondering about time reversal or the whole Big Bang idea , it's all supposition nothing can be proven or refuted ,at the end of the day we all are specks in a very large universe, worrying about the Sun ,meteorites ,comets crashing into our home world will not make one bit of difference if we are hit by a cosmic body we are toast !, I have yet to see any benefit on all the money spent on sending things into space other than a lot of pictures of distant worlds that we will never visit . Maybe there is a very good reason why we are so alone in the universe, from our history of past human activity ,seen from the eyes of a visitor from another civilisation, would you really want to to risk landing here, when all we humans do is kill one another ,kill animals for fun, and polute a wonderful planet . Seen from space the earth looks breathtaking, but No we are a ungrateful ,insignificant species that put wealth before health we never learn from past mistakes,but continue to create a world where the rich get richer and the poor pay the price when things go wrong. Why oh why don't we put our own world in order rather than think about the past,we cannot change the past but we can make our future better for everyone ,now that would be something to be proud of would it not .
That's life in a nutshell . Hope you have a good day CC

24th February 2015, 16:04
I agree with you Pete, but I think scientists realise that mankind will destroy this planet in the future so our only way out will be to leave and seak another home elsewhere.

24th February 2015, 16:18
Well put Pete. I absolutely agree with you. Trevor I'm not so sure we need another planet as I think humans will eventually destroy each other completely. We never learn !!

25th February 2015, 01:41
We humans are a wretched breed aren’t we Pete. Couldn’t agree more with you. If the animals had a thumb, and a voice we might just find ourselves at the bottom of the food chain.

Space the final frontier lol I have no clue what we are doing roaming around up there, and spending millions, billions of dollars on ? Just think what we could do with that money right here helping one another. Like you said though that never seems to be the priority.

For me I’m looking forward to another dimension, and hoping that will be Heaven instead of another planet.


25th February 2015, 09:33
I get really angry with toothpaste adverts and washing powders that do things I don't want or need!
Do something useful with your degrees! Get the priorities of life right first!
As for other planets, we don't know everything about this one yet and what we have learned we spoil for the great gods MONEY and PROFIT

Nettie B
26th February 2015, 18:57
And if we did manage to populate another planet we would wreck that one too ... and the next ... and so on into infinity! It's all just inconceivable isn't it?
I think I prefer to view the cosmos from here on earth. It looks beautiful from here ... Not to dismiss all the work of that man with one of the most magnificent brains on earth who lives an hour away from us!!!
Sorry for the waffling after a glass of Merlot ... not likely to be found on any other p!anet! Cheers.
And "Here's to Steven Hawkins" !

27th February 2015, 09:06
Hi Nettie ,
Thankfully mankind has neither the brains or ability to go to other planets and wreak havoc on another world , and I guess the powers that be decided long ago that we had been given the most beautiful of all the planets to inhabit and watched as we polluted and desecrated it in the name of mankind and progress ,we had our chance now we live with the results , I am just glad I got to see it while it was so beautiful.

27th February 2015, 09:23
Many people around my age say we have seen the best years. People realise what has happened to our planet through over population and pollution, but they still fly off for there foreign holidays, flying is terribly polluting and we all continue to drive our cars which is also harmful. We buy and use more and more electrical items and power stations are very harmful, so we have to look at our own actions and the fact that we all have contributed to the rape of this planet.

27th February 2015, 11:45
I couldn't agree more Trevor, the problem is green tech costs money and I think that's where a lot of good intensions end. Look at the majority of people's purchasing decisions, hybrid cars cost more, non intensive farming costs more, green subsidies on our fuel bills, the list goes on.

I think as a race we live in the here and now.

27th February 2015, 14:37
I think you right Steve there is a conscience movement to really go green, organic etc…but it is significantly more costly. If these products and foods were affordable more I think people would be able to make healthier, and better choices for themselves and the earth.

In the Spring time my husband start his garden with live off these fruits and vegetables all Summer and Fall. We can really taste the difference and always makes us wonder what the heck we are eating when we buy at the supermarkets. Harsh chemicals and pesticides comes to mind that we consume, and then we get diseases. A vicious cycle.

Unfortunately though I think evil will always walk amongst us. Destroying the beauty that we were given here. It can’t be eradicated not even with war, and bombs, which only perpetuates more evil ! Just look at this evil entity on the planet now called Isis, what are these things ??? Certainly not human beings. Beheading children, burning people alive ! As evil as evil can be, and terrifying that they live among us.


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