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29th December 2014, 11:55
After trying my recently supplied Nippy machine during the day with no problems, I tried it last night for the first time. As soon as I lay down I started to gurgle with saliva build up, I get this all the time. I gave the mask 45 minutes then took it off. Tried again early this morning for 1 hour with 3 pillows instead of 2, still had problems. I just cannot see me wearing the thing all night. Any advice from those of you who have had one for some time would be appreciated,

29th December 2014, 12:12
I have the same problem I just stack the pillows up so I am practically upright. I put it on when I get into bed but I have never dropped off to sleep with it on. But I do find that, once I take it off, I sleep better! Someone will be able to tell you the answer and I will be very interested in their comments too! Love Joycie xx

29th December 2014, 12:36
Trevor, Have you considered a hospital bed? this may help you sit up more comfortably. Hugs Spring x

29th December 2014, 14:23
If you get the saliva build up without the mask then the mask shouldn't make any difference. Try sitting upright in bed with the mask on for ten minutes before you lay down, give your lungs a chance to get used to the machine.

29th December 2014, 17:50
Forgive me for being a bit thick here, but what is a Nippy machine. I have bulbar onset, have saliva problems but clearly not too bad but my problem is grunting on exhalation of breath, drives me nuts at night and keeps me awake. Have seen respiratory team but they say I am fine for lung function. Just wondered what a Nippy was.

29th December 2014, 18:06
Hi grannie,

In short it's a assisted breathing system, that some may need as the lungs fail to cope with oxygen requirements that the body needs ,forcing air in and out of the lungs.


29th December 2014, 20:11
Grannyannie, I have one but Sheffield call it a BIPAP machine. and that does what Pete says i.e assists breathing. I have increased carbon dioxide levels which the BIPAP machine addresses. My machine is different to Trevor's. I have this grunting as well now and it drives me mad. I have to sit up really high propped up almost to the ceiling to stop the noises when I exhale! They still go on when the mask in in place and that keeps me awake! I do get this saliva build up but it isn't that much of a problem! Sheffield wanted me to have a BIPAP trial in preparation for the PIG procedure in the New Year. It was going Ok until I fell on Boxing Day and smacked my nose, cut the bridge wide open and now I cant wear the mask cos it is too painful! (You couldn't dream it up, could you?) Much love Joycie xx

29th December 2014, 23:47
i was just wondering what mask you use, when i was on bipap i found the nasal pillows worked best for me. i found the face mask to claustrophobic and also it leaked into my eyes to much. although saliva wasnt a problem for me then.

30th December 2014, 01:53
There are at least 4 different mouth / nasal attachments for the nippy & it would be worth trying them all. Paul sleeps in the full face perfectly well & alternates between that & the nasal option during the day, he is now reliant 24 hours a day so has to eat sleep & drink with it but pls try the different styles as once you try one you're comfortable with it will make a huge difference for you. Good luck & wishing you well, Nettie

30th December 2014, 10:08
Thanks to all of you who have answered by rather thick question. So sorry Joycie that you have had this fall do hope it soon heals up. The different info about masks will be useful for when I undoubtedly will need assistance. As I suffer a bit with claustrophobia it will be a mind of matter job I can see. Thanks Everyone and lets hope 2015 will be kind to us all. GrannieAnnie

30th December 2014, 11:38
I have a nasal mask but as I breathe through my mouth when I am asleep it would not be any good. The other problem I have is a blocked nose. I tried wearing the mask last night but my nose was so blocked I had to breathe through my mouth which then causes saliva to run in the mask - catch 22.

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