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30th December 2014, 03:58
Hello everyone,

Just wanted to post a few words about a lovely woman from my home city Bradford that sadly passed away just before Xmas on the 23rd December. Her name was Debbie Purdy and she was a tireless campaigner for assisted dying. Some of you might have seen her in the news. I know she didn't have MND, but she had primary progressive multiple sclerosis which she battled for nearly 20 years, towards the end of her life she was bed bound and the last year of her life she ended up in a hospice not far from where I live. Unfortunately, in the last few days of her life the poor woman had to starve herself to death because our spineless politicians won't make an assisted dying bill legal :mad:

I don't want to offend some people on this site that are pro-life but when a person that is in pain and is terminally ill and has no quality of life, surely they should have the option to end their life legally and with dignity in this country?!

And before you ask, yes, I have personal experience in this matter, my own father passed away from MND in May 2013. Towards the end of his life he was virtually 'locked in', he was bed bound, couldn't eat, couldn't speak and had no quality of life and was in pain. He died in agony in hospital without even getting a bit of Morphine in his last few days. :( Even heroin addicts get their Methadone when they're struggling?!

Food for thought

Kind regards and best wishes, Dave..

30th December 2014, 04:47
RIP Debbie. I agree with all you say. Not much more I can add without going into a rant.


30th December 2014, 09:30
I totally agree, we don't let our animals suffer. I think people should have the right to die with dignity if they can make the decision for themselves.

There is no reason why your father had to die in agony and it saddens me to read this.

Jean chose to speed her end of life by refusing treatment, she wouldn't have a peg fitted or be put on a fluid drip. In the last five days she refused to eat. She had a bit of discomfort in her joints and we massaged them with ibuprofen gel but I can't fault the hospice and district nurses for helping with pain. She was sent home with a syringe driver and was on morphine and other drugs to make her last days as comfortable as possible.

Debbie Purdy was a remarkable woman, it's a shame she didn't get her wish.


30th December 2014, 10:58
Hi Dave,

It is a sorry state when a human being can be allowed to suffer that way, I have never understood the thinking of the so called pro life brigade, anyone who has seen loved ones suffer before death, will understand the need for special and compassionate intervention to alleviate suffering, as a civilised country, well it used to be !! , now I am not certain far too many do Gooders and no respect for individuals rights to make a choice about their own way to die, even animals are afforded that when life's no longer has some quality .
RIP Debbie.


30th December 2014, 11:26
RIP Debbie! You have expressed my feelings xxx

30th December 2014, 11:36
Hi All

A remarkably brave lady who campaigned for many years for a cause to relieve suffering. It is so sad that Debbie died this way and I feel for her family. My brother had Progressive MS for the same length of time. Mercifully respitarory failure caused his death, which was quick and peaceful.

Politicians should consider dignity and the quality of life over moral or religious issues and I can say no more than this.

M regards


30th December 2014, 11:49
Dave, Thank you for posting this for us all to read. I am very sorry and saddened to read of the passing of Debbie. Your post gives a lot of food for thought. And maybe should be printed in the Newspaper as it gives a personal perspective of what you Father went through also.
A few weeks ago I was listening to a Doctor talking on the radio and he said in 2014 there is no need what so ever for anybody to die in pain. So somewhere along the line something is going terribly wrong and the people responsible for allowing suffering should be bought to account as equally as our laws in this country will not allow assisted dying, and would bring anybody found to do this to account.
Hugs Springtime x

30th December 2014, 11:59
Hopefully Debbie's and others' campaigning will one day result in a change in the law. RIP Debbie.

30th December 2014, 13:31
Hi Dave

Very sorry to hear about your friend, she sounded like a true warrior, fighting for a basic dignity we all should be entitled to have.

So nice of you to pay tribute to her here, a place where her contributions in her campaign can be acknowledged, and applauded by many. Can only hope her fight will not die in vain, and one day the dying with dignity act will come to pass as law.


30th December 2014, 18:05
Hi everyone,

Wasn't sure if I'd gone too far in the thread I posted last night?!, I'd had a few drinks and it was a bit angry rantish!! LOL, but many thanks for your positive responses, it meant a lot. And it's good to know that the majority of people have the same opinion on assisted dying as myself.

Here's hoping for a breakthrough for MND in 2015!!

Kind regards and best wishes to everybody


30th December 2014, 19:15
When Debbie first hit the national news many years ago I remember vaguely agreeing with her fight to change the law but I'm ashamed to say at that time I didn't really pay too much attention.

It's only through personal experience of MND that my views have strengthened. She was an inspiration and it was sad she was not afforded the dignity she deserved.


30th December 2014, 22:49
Hi Dave x I totally agree that people should be allowed to choose if they want to end their own lives. I'm so sorry to hear about your poor dad's suffering in hospital also. At least they're both free of pain now RIP. Becky x

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