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30th December 2014, 10:32
Before Christmas I was given antidepressants, what a disaster! Woke Christmas Day with eyes and face so swollen it was downright painful, I could only put it down to the antidepressant and an allergic reaction. I have had these reactions in the past before, one serious one when throat started to close up after taking statins. For now I have decided to do it natures way, if I feel stressed I am going to take myself off for a nice lavender bath and get hubbie to rub my back with lavender oil. The docs have also given me pills to get rid of the mucus plug, to be honest after the antidepressant saga I am too afraid to try them. I shall continue with drinking pomegranate juice, grape juice or pineapple juice.

Has anyone else found that the various pills prescribed just make you feel worse? I tried baclofen was not for me, and although it was talked of once in the early days the Neuro has not mentioned riluzole again and it's not one that I think I would want to take anyway

30th December 2014, 11:34
I have been taking Amitriptyline for one month now to help control drooling, it has not worked. What it has done is make me have vivid dreams, a constant urge to have a wee and palpitations. I have mentioned this, but have been told to keep taking them as they can take 4 weeks to kick in. I have had enough, so when I see a GP next week I will ask to come off them and try something else. Like you Jan the fewer drugs I take the better.

30th December 2014, 11:34
get yourself booked into the local hospice and see if you can arrange for alternative therapies. I have had aromatherapy, and indian head massage and a lovely relaxation session. See what you can do ! Love Joycie

30th December 2014, 11:51
Jean was given Scopolamine patches which she had behind her ear when she was in the hospice. When she came home doctor took her off them and within a day she was getting gargly again so district nurse put her back on them. They are actually for motion/travel sickness and you just put the patch behind your ear and change it every two or three days.

I'm not sure if they are prescription only or if you can get them over the counter.

Alison x

30th December 2014, 20:41
I got a letter from the hospice and am booked in for 3 consecutive Mondays starting on 12 January for fatigue management, I have had a few massages there and a pamper morning, I will ask about reiki but I am a little shy, I don't like to have treatments when there are more patients in greater need than me

31st December 2014, 01:48
Jan, don't be shy about accepting these treatments. The staff at my hospice appreciate quite well the stresses and strains that living with MND puts upon us. I explained to them on my first visit that I wasn't pushing for things, but I did feel that I could with some relaxation techniques, if nothing else, They said they would discuss it and come back to me, and the appointments are starting to roll in. I am so pleased you are taking advantage of them. Good news! Love Joycie x

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