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31st December 2014, 02:08
I've had the misfortune to suffer poor immunity for the past 6 weeks or so,
due to taking 3 courses of Antibiotics,..which kills gut flora,..leading to Candida symptoms,
Friendly bacteria should arrive tomorrow,
After suspecting Amaranth, i "shelved it",..until mucus/phlegm problem subsided, it's better, but not gone,

For the benefit of Steve, and any others who might think Immunity starts behind the left ear,


31st December 2014, 11:39
Ray, sourcing something from a website that is trying to sell you something isn't a reliable source. Find me journal articles that support your theories and I will take you seriously.

We could ignore the entire Lymphatic system if you like but I am not going to agree that the immune system originates in the stomach. That sounds like something Gillian Mckeith would say. On the subject of reading, I reccommend Bad Science by Dr Ben Goldacre, a very good read.

31st December 2014, 11:49
The bottom line is who do you believe, the doctors with all their years of training and experience, or searching the web and taking notice of people with no qualifications. I have been warned several times, not just with MND but other problems, not to worry and not try and look up solutions yourself. This forum is an exception though and is recommended reading by my doctors.

31st December 2014, 12:40
Hi Ray, hope you get your flora back on track.

I would assume you are already using coconut oil and live yogurt is also good. Another thing to bear in mind is yeast(candida) also feeds off sugar so if you can eliminate all carbs and sugars it wil speed things along.

Alison x

31st December 2014, 12:59
Yes, I am a great believer in live yogurt. I could tell you a story about live yogurt but its a bit rude for New Years Eve so better Not. LOL xx

31st December 2014, 14:13
So when will you tell us Springtime? Oops deviated again!!

31st December 2014, 18:01
Another link related to gut flora,..i'll add more if applicable,
There's a simple test in this link,..for anyone who maybe want to check,..peace of mind,

I think the bad effects of Yeasts/Candida, go unnoticed until something messes up your gut-flora,
GP's in general, are guessers when presented with non-specific symptoms,,they often say, .."it could be this/it could be that"
and i have lately had a few symptoms which were Fungal in nature,..Antibiotics have caused other problems,
It's an avenue i must explore/rectify,
No post today,..so it will be Friday Probiotics arrive, plus some Olive Leaf Extract,


P.S. Thanks Alison

Nettie B
31st December 2014, 19:25
I know about that one Jane lol!. Likewise, I can personally recommend it for certain infections that tend to crop up when taking antibiotics. Ray wouldn't have EXACTLY the infecttion that I'm thinking of but I support you for the sake of the ladies!

31st December 2014, 20:36
Ha ha Nettie, From one woman to another lol xxx

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