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6th January 2015, 17:11
Oh joy of joys! I can hardly believe it! we have today successfully found a bungalow to move to just 2 minutes away from our children; no more struggling to get up the stairs for the loo and to bed! Excited muchly but also a little overwhelmed by all the packing up that needs to be done, time for a good decluttering

6th January 2015, 17:13
Well done Jan, that is very goodness.

6th January 2015, 17:22
Oh, Jan, that is tremendous news. it will make all the difference to you. When are you moving in? Be really ruthless when you sort out. I moved into Peters last year and have ditched so much! Great news! Love Joycie xx

Nettie B
6th January 2015, 17:27
How long did that take you Jan? We've had this house on the market since April. Agent priced it too high to start with. Sold for lower price then chain broke above us! We really are so pleased for you. Well done. X Nettie.

6th January 2015, 17:30
Nettie and Trevor, have you considered renting your house out and renting a bungalow. Not ideal but may be and option.

Alison x

6th January 2015, 17:53
We are not buying, we are renting as our property is in the north and we don't want to sell it, we work in the south so decided to rent down here. My mum lives in the property in the north and it will be hubbies retirement plan. My present landlady was very awkward about releasing us early from our contract and even questioned my diagnosis as I had been seen to be still walking! Anyway, all done and dusted now and an evening (or many) awaits for some ruthless sorting and packing!

6th January 2015, 17:53
Hi Jan, That is wonderful news for you, and to be near your family will be wonderful. Get the boxes out LOL xx
Alison, I suggested this to Nettie and Trevor yesterday in a message. As when Jim was newly diagnosed, we did think about moving from our bungalow because of the narrow hallway and various other complications ( I thought they were anyway) and renting somewhere more wheelchair friendly.
Nettie, The other option is that you could possibly visit your local council and see if they could help you out until you can sell your house. I am sure they must come across this problem every now and again. My daughters house was for sale for quite a while and just as she had decided to rent it out she got a buyer. I am sorry it all sounds so simple, cold and calculating but it is your home your little nest that you have built together so its not an easy decision by any means. Hugs x

6th January 2015, 18:14
Trevor, I have shared the Rightmove details on Facebook for you. Might be worth some others doing it! You just never know who is looking to move into Thetford area, do you? Joycie x

6th January 2015, 19:33
Happy for you Jan. :)

The wife and I recently moved into a bungalow too, so I share your delight at single level accommodation.

8th January 2015, 22:47
We moved just over two weeks ago and it was an upheaval but also an opportunity for a good clear out - the joys of a wet room. We let it be known we were broke and needed physical help to move our stuff - a group of strangers came to our rescue.

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