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7th January 2015, 00:09
I only joined the community a few days ago as I am trying to help a close friend who has been diagnosed with progressive bulbar palsy
I have a question, but first a little about me, I have been interested in health for over 12 years mostly because of my own health as I have had a couple of issues and I try to keep up to date with research that effects me and it because of this that I was ask let my friend now should I come across information that would be relevant to PBP.
I have come across some research regarding ALS and Vitamin D3. This was a small study that used a Vitamin D supplement of only 2000IU and only over a period of 9 months - the results were positive in slowing progression once the levels in the body were lifted into the normal range. http://www.vitamindwiki.com/ALS+treated+by+vitamin+D#Even_2_000_IU_helped_all_ 20_ALS_patients_in_clinical_trial
So my question is - Has anyone tried raising their vitamin D3 levels by using sunlight and if so what sort of results were experienced? research suggests sunshine can produce between 10,000 and 25,000IUís in as little as 10 minutes around midday, this obviously depends on a number of factors - skin type, latitude, etc. - the reason I am interested in D3 is its potential ability to repair DNA
Already trying Progesterone cream - Thanks so much for all of your really helpful posts

7th January 2015, 00:42
Hi Phillip,
Welcome to the forum. If you look on the last page of Fishmate 12 supplements thread there is some discussion by Ray and others about the use of D3 in tablet form. I do not think anyone is relying on sunshine in the UK. If you send a pm to fishmate 12 he will explain his philosophy which has given him 14 years with this disease. Not guaranteed to work for your friend but worth a shot. You need 5 posts before you can send a pm but any random posts such as repeating your first one 5 times will get you that privilege.
Middle of the night for us but Ray ( fishmate 12) seems to be around at this hour.


7th January 2015, 02:05
Thanks John
Yes I know about the sun in the UK I lived there for 52 years before moving to Australia - it was the reason we moved lol
We still have a Vitamin d deficiency problem in Aus thanks to campaigns to use cover up and use sunscreens.


7th January 2015, 07:43
Hi again Phillip,

I don't know if you have tried the alstdi forum. This is a USA based organisation which has members from all over the world essentially exploring every possible option to find a cure for mnd. There is some discussion on there about the benefit of D3 but again seems to be tablet rather than sunshine. In the later stages of the illness people do not get outside for natural sunshine very much and also the dosing is more precise with a tablet. It may be worth you taking a look on there. You will have to register to read posts but that is simple enough.


15th January 2015, 04:28
Hi John

I have had a look at other sites as you suggested, hardly anything on sunshine, itís all about supplementing and the problem is that it is not the same, also supplement quality, type and the ability to uptake the vitamin D are all variables. In general the dose varies and also the period for it to make a difference in blood levels - some people show very little increase.
There is such a huge difference in Vitamin D from the sun as apposed to supplements.
Here is a link to a Mercola page about safe tanning sun beds and an a great interview with Dr Stephanie Seneff about the importance of sunlight and sulphur
Look forward to any comments

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