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7th January 2015, 13:51
Well, folks, things are moving here. I go to Sheffield Royal Hallamshire Hospital tomorrow for anaesthetists checks in readiness for the PIG procedure on Monday afternoon on 12th January. Our OT has just come and is sorting out a 3 wheeled rollator with a seat for me and is organising a care alarm system in case I fall in the house without Peter around (and anything is possible these days!)

I sometimes just feel like a weeble - but weebles 'wobble and they don't fall down' - but I do!

I will be pleased when the feeding tube is fitted and that is over and done with. I don't have problems with eating and drinking at the moment, as long as I take care so, hopefully, I wont have to use it immediately, But it is there when I need it, isn't it?

So I might just be out of contact (wifi depending!). Won't it be quiet without me and my rambling?!

Our central heating has just packed up and the engineer has said it is beyond repair! Hope we can get another system in place before too long. Perhaps it is just as well that we are in Sheffield. I am in the ward and Peter is staying in the nearby hotel.

Hugs to you all


7th January 2015, 14:12
Hi Joycie - what a lot you have to think about and organise at the moment! Hope all goes well with the hospital trip - will be thinking about you and will definitely miss your 'ramblings' - always enjoy reading what you have to say.
My Mum and Dads heating broke just before Christmas too. Thought I would let you and others know that you are possibly eligible for a grant through the N Power Health Through Warmth scheme on health grounds..... www.npower.com/health_through_warmth..... I did manage to secure this grant for Mum and Dad but they were very keen to get heat for Christmas and so scraped together the money for a new boiler.
All the best to you and family

7th January 2015, 14:15
Good luck to you Joycie. I'm sure your in excellent hands, and all will go well. Hope you are able to keep in touch, and keep us updated.

(thanks for the memory... I had the weeble family when I was little, they even had their own little weeble family car, do you remember? lol)


7th January 2015, 14:17
Hi Joycie;

Good to hear about your progress in getting things sorted. A feeding tube does give peace of mind if you are ill and then have trouble drinking. I have used mine for a cup of water a few times but only when I haven't drunk enough. They should have internet there so I expect reports an hour or two after.

Hope the heating is sorted soon.

Best wishes Terry

7th January 2015, 14:28
I have got the portable heaters from the caravan for temporary measures but we will just have to leave the house cold. We are only in Sheffield overnight on 8th, back on 9th and away again 11th to 14th so we will pray for a warm spell! Just sods law, isn't it?

7th January 2015, 14:28
Best of luck Joycie

I wear an alarm system pedant when my wife is out. Last week I took a chance not wearing it and spent four hours on the floor, so wear yours. :)

7th January 2015, 14:31
Enjoy your days out! Thinking of you - as always
Dave and Sharyn xxxx

7th January 2015, 14:52
Good luck Joyce, we will be thinking of you. I have a wrist alarm which I wear when Annette goes out. The other thing we are sorting out is another wrist audible alarm to use in the house if I fall down because I cannot shout for help.
Trevor xxx

7th January 2015, 14:56
the OT wants me to have a carelink - in case I fall in the garden and Peter is asleep in his chair!! Also if he is out, and he has to escape sometimes for his own sanity! Joycie

7th January 2015, 14:58
Good luck for Monday Joycie, Paul had his fitted in September & now takes his medication through the rig we can also keep his fluid levels up if he's very sleepy.
Very best wishes Nettie

7th January 2015, 15:22
It'll be one thing less to worry about, your very own insurance policy xx

7th January 2015, 15:26
Yes, Ellie, I am just trying to keep in front of things really - but you know how unpredictable this disease is. You cant plan, can you - just put things into place in readiness for when it gets worse! Love Joycie xx

7th January 2015, 15:59

Just sending you our best wishes and hope the stay is brief ,and all goes well, we have everything crossed .


7th January 2015, 16:01
I used to love my weebles.....my weeble bus was my pride and joy along with granny weeble as she had a lilac bottom :)

7th January 2015, 16:10
thanks, everyone, for your good wishes. I am trusting all will be well. I have such faith in the Sheffield team. x

7th January 2015, 16:20
Hi Joycie, Wishing you well for tomorrow and then again for next Monday. Do hope you can get something sorted out with your heating soon. Take Care Hugs Spring xx

7th January 2015, 16:54
Hello Joycie,
Love and best wishes from me. We both know you will get the best of care in Sheffield and I hope to see you soon after the op. Let me know when you are feeling well enough to meet up.
Hugs from Barry x

7th January 2015, 16:57
So pleased your getting things sorted, having good care is a must. Nothing worse than battling to get equipment.

Good luck for op, and make sure you do as your told. ;-)

Alison x

7th January 2015, 16:58
OK, Barry, I will. I will be relieved when it is all over - it will be good to see you and Sue again! xx

7th January 2015, 17:08
Very best of luck Joycie xxx

Night walker
7th January 2015, 17:41
Hello Joycie,

I am sure everything will go as planned on Monday. I do hope you can get the heating sorted out, do let the OT know in case they can help'out with temporary loan heaters.

Take care of you. Sylv x

7th January 2015, 19:32
Hello Joycie,

Just to wish you well with your anaesthetist visit tomorrow - it will give you confidence for the op on Monday. You have great faith in Sheffield and you will be in good hands and with Peter close by - you will do just fine. You have many friends on the forum and with so much support it will give you a big boost. Just think of it as your insurance, I've had mine for six months and had no need to use it, but it is there should the day arrive. Good Luck my friend, we all look forward to hearing of a successful outcome. AnnE xx

8th January 2015, 04:52
Hopefully you will have wifi in hospital. Like Terry said we want reports an hour or two after op. It will be too quiet in here with out your 'ramblings'. Let us know how you get on.

Love, Lynne

9th January 2015, 17:08
Thinking of you joycie hope everything has gone well this week and hope all goes well on Monday too , take care and start rambling again real soon , sending hugs ♡

jo xxxxxxx

9th January 2015, 23:34
Have escaped hospital ward 5 hours late than scheduled because the anaesthetist was so busy and we had to wait to see him. We haven't travelled back to Lincoln because the weather is wild here and our central heating has packed up. We are installed in a Sheffield hotel for the night. However we are back home tomorrow until we return to Sheffield on Sunday teatime. All set for Monday afternoon PIG procedure . Will be so pleased when it is all over. Sheffield Royal Hallamshire Hospital's Professor Dame Pamela Shaw and her entire team are all just brilliant and I have so much faith in them all. She was on her rounds and told her team that I was stoical. No one has ever called me that before! And she wants me to write her a poem. So I will do that once I get home at the end of next week. Going home for two days of heating engineers fitting a new boiler. We have just waved them goodbye after three weeks of them installing wet room. More dust, dirt and disruption! How busy are we? Love to you all. Joycie

9th January 2015, 23:39
And indeed you are stoical Joyce; many would not even cope with the boiler issue! Hope you get some rest over the weekend even if wrapped in a blanket!!! Thinking of you. Rachel

9th January 2015, 23:42
Oh the boiler issue is just a little hiccough in life's rich pageant. I can't get wifi in the hospital and I have missed being in touch with you all xx

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