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8th January 2015, 00:25
Not sure what the heck is going on with racial tensions over here lately, but it seems everyone has an opinion, and it’s showing it’s ugly face everywhere.

Just another one of my stories from over the pond, and this one had my hot head reaching boiling temperatures.

I started this new job recently at a new hospital. I became friends with a coworker, a lovely black (African American) woman, a single mom raising three kids on her own for years. She works full time at the hospital and has another part time job on the weekends to make ends meet. She has been such a great co worker to me, and has even stayed later when everyone else went home to help me in the training process. We became immediate friends.

We often have to work side by side processing patients in for their procedures. Part of the process is putting the wristbands on the patient for identification. My coworker was processing a patient, a woman in her 60’s who asked my coworker what her name was. When she told her the woman said ‘you people have such odd names’. My coworker remained quiet and continued on the paperwork. When it came time to put on the patient’s wristband the woman said to my coworker ’what are you doing with that?’ my coworker said ’putting on your wristband for id purposes’. The patient said ’Oh no your not, I don’t want any part of you touching any part of me’. I was stunned ! I know I gasped, and think my mouth actually fell open. My coworker remained quiet looked at me, then got up and calmly walked away.

The patient was mumbling racial comments under her breath,. It took a lot of self control for me to contain myself. The manager then came over and turned to me and said, ‘could you please put on her wristband and finish processing her’. I looked at this patient with her smug self satisfied face, and said to my manager, ’Honestly, I don’t feel comfortable doing that. I don’t want any part of her touching any part of me’. I knew instantly as the words came pouring out I put myself in hot water, but couldn‘t stop myself !! This made the patient even nastier, and I too had to walk away.

Later in the day I was called into the managers office, she was writing me up for insubordination. Of course I refused to sign it. I explained all the racist comments being said, but my manager seemed indifference to those remarks, and more focused on my comment, angering me even more. I told her we can elevate this to Human Resources or we can drop it right here and now, this seemed to annoy her even more.

Of course thinking back now I could of, should of, just put that dam wristband on the patient ! but I just couldn’t do it !! My coworker friend gave me a hug later. I told her how I wish I had that kind of self control that she has, and felt the need to apologize for the patient treatment to her. She told me she wished more people stood up against racism for one another.

Next stop, Human Resources. Because I wouldn‘t sign it, it has to be mediated…ugh…Oh well, not the first time my big mouth got me in trouble, and me being me it won’t be the last.

Since Terry put Uncle Vinny in cement boots, I’m only left with Uncle Frankie :( I have no choice now but to call my Uncle Carmine in, and out of his retirement for this job!! Something he’ll enjoy, and keep him busy, I’m confident this incident will disappear :) lol

Thanks for listening and letting me vent.


8th January 2015, 01:15

Just read your story and wow, it's shameful that this is still happening in 2015! :mad: Well done for making a stand!

Kind regards


8th January 2015, 05:05
The tensions racial and otherwise are ALL over these days. And the violence towards our men in blue (bobbies). Unbelievable!!! I know it got you in trouble but I'm GLAD you stood up to that bigoted patient. Seems folks just don't have compassion towards other folks. Good for you!!!

I hope the trouble goes away. But, how about Carmine Ragusa? He has connections, no?

(((((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))))) ))))))

You done good, girlfriend!!


8th January 2015, 12:11
Hi CC,
There you go again fighting folks battles, over this side of the pond ,you would be hard pressed to find a English nurse ,in our beleaguered health service most staff are sourced from Asian, Caribbean ,Polish ,and other nationalitys ,so being racist over here wouldn't be a wise move ,if it were not for these nurses our health service would stop dead. And we do have a varied collection of Doctors from foreign shores so your lady would have been unlucky to have been taken ill here , it may have been her worst nightmare!!.

8th January 2015, 12:26
Well said CC.

8th January 2015, 12:32

Women rule the world? a better place? it would be outright war within a month.

You made a good point in the wrong way for work. I suggest that you see if you can write a letter of apology to the "cow" and talk to your manager about the circumstances, maybe blame it a bit on woman's problems as well as the racial comments. Your letter can say something like, "I regret not fixing the wrist band on you and I made a mistake not doing so. I am sorry for this".

Good luck babe, Sorry that Vinny's not around to help you!

Love Terry

We were criticized for treating the blacks in South Africa as human beings, I actually bathed in the same stream with them and it did not change my colour.

8th January 2015, 13:16
Good for you girl!
I’d like to think I would have done the same.
I totally agree with Spring’s signature “Evil triumphs when good men stand by and do nothing.”
Ellie xx

8th January 2015, 13:25
WELL DONE CC. I admire you for sticking up for what is right and fair. Evil triumphs when good men stand by and do nothing. In my opinion that excuse for a human being should have been made to apologise to the Lady she offended with her nasty words. Unfortunately that's the problem with this world people stand by and allow evil to happen. We've gone to soft on evil nasty malicious excuses for human beings. Hugs xxxxxx

8th January 2015, 13:32
Good for you girl!
I’d like to think I would have done the same.
I totally agree with Spring’s signature “Evil triumphs when good men stand by and do nothing.”
Ellie xx

How bizarre is that Ellie :cool:we must have been typing at a similar time because I hadnt seen your post when I sent mine. I think Women are far more sensible than men when the line needs to be drawn, so yeeeeess Terry ;) Women rule OK:cool: lol x

8th January 2015, 15:24
Well done CC
Dave xx

8th January 2015, 16:46
Thank you all for your words of support.

You have a point Terry, my anger got the best of me. and Pete you had a valid point as well, it was not my battle to fight. Looking back though, If I was in the same situation again and knowing it will elevate to Human Resources, I would have still done, and said what I did. So now I have to stand in my words and actions.

This healthcare organization I work for is enormous. They are a business, and driven by the almighty dollar like everything else. Customer service is their focal point. If the patient does not have a positive experience in one of their facilities they will go elsewhere. In my opinion, workplace or not there should be zero tolerance for this behavior from any patient or any employee.

I have to wonder if my manager was a black woman if she would still take the same position on this incident ? She did not even speak to my coworker about the incident. I have lost respect for her as a manager and a person. Any manager that does not get behind their employee when being verbally abused is not worth their paycheck in my opinion.

Interestedly this organization has a Cultural Diversity Team. I contacted the team manager, who happened to be African American, explained the incident to him and he said he can, and will accompany me to the HR mediation. This will be an interesting meeting to say the least. I had to document the incident , as well as well as why I refuse to sign the insubordination form.

My husband was a vice president for a bank for many years, he told me to hold firm, and sign nothing, exactly what I indeed to do, but I will apologize for my anger getting the best of me.

You should be sitting on the United Nations forum Terry, you’re a wonderful peacemaker. Me and my big mouth will just have to ‘man up’ and as always stand in my convictions. Yes Terry, women ruling the world. No wars, just a few cat fights here and there, which you men would love to have a ringside seat for! haha

I would prefer to have Uncle Carmine and Uncle Frankie with me, but I think the Cultural Diversity manager might just trump them.

Carmine Ragusa Lynne? Happy Days or Laverne and Shirley ?? LOL :)

Thanks again

8th January 2015, 17:30
Thankfully we do not have a big problem with race in the UK.

8th January 2015, 17:38
Hello CC
What does the company litriture and your contract say about racism or discrimination. If they have publicly made a declaration against it then perhaps you can stand behind their words.


9th January 2015, 03:33
You're sharp, girlfriend. It was Shirley's boyfriend (I think) Just another Italian stereo-type. SOMEONE should give that lady a good talking to.

I think just as you came to your co-workers aid, I think someone (the Cultural Diversity man) will come to your aid.

You done good!!!

9th January 2015, 04:27
It must be wonderful to live in a country were racism does not exist, honestlty I can’t even imagine what that would be like. I’ve seen it, heard it and grown up with it in one form of another, and despise it.

Thank you Pacer. I searched our employee handbook that we have on our company website. I found a few sections pertaining to job discrimination. As well as the cultural diversity section pertaining to discrimination against age, sex, gender, nationality, but was unable to find any policy or procedure regarding patient racism against employees, or racism at all for that matter. I did find cultural differences, tolerance and respect, that might come close, and printed it out.

I have the HR meeting next week. The Cultural diversity manager spoke with my coworker and asked her to document the incident, he wanted to hear the facts from her as well. This is going to be an interesting meeting. If it didn’t involve me I would love to be a fly on the wall for it ! Lol

Haha Lynne yes he was a cutie that big Ragu boyfriend! I hope your right Lynne, either way I will play the game in order to have health insurance for my family and give them the best sincere apology I can muster up. But in my heart I'm true to myself, and I won't mean a word of it, because I sincerely meant every word I said to that racist.

Will keep you posted…Thanks

9th January 2015, 09:57
Hi CC,

Not commented previously as all I wanted to say has been said. I admire your stand but am not sure if I would have taken it. The world is full of racists including this country. We have strong legislation against racism but that does not necessarily stop people having racist thoughts, just drives them into the shadows more.
Support for staff in the work place however is very strong and I do not think anyone would have tolerated that ladies behaviour, certainly not in a hospital here even one in the private sector.
As you say some contrition required on your part but maybe legislation to protect the African American population won't be long in coming especially in the light of recent shootings of unarmed blacks by the police force over there.
Good luck with your disciplinary hearing.


9th January 2015, 10:48
Thanks John.

The funny thing is John I didn’t feel or realize I was taking a stand against racism in the heat of the moment. It all just felt sooo wrong and so beyond hateful, and something I wanted no part of. I really gave no thought it was happening in the workplace environment, which clearly was my downfall. To me the injustice of it all was happening to a friend/coworker and I couldn’t tolerate saying nothing.

Pete was dead on right, it was not battle to fight, but it’s just who I am, and the way I am. I’m angry I’m going to have to apologize for it. I have no choice now to say the words they are going to want to hear for my own sake, but there will my no sincerity in my heart.

Our police vs. racism vs. the law seem to be quite another matter. Our Prosecutors in our courts of law are never going to go against one of their own, which is why the police remain above the law and are getting away with murder, literally. In my opinion this like our gun control laws are never going to change, and I find both quite terrifying.


9th January 2015, 10:57
Hi CC, I hope your ok today and not worrying to much about the meeting next week. If they still haven't interviewed your friend about the incident I believe they are not interested in WHY you said what you said and they will possibly not want to discuss any of the preceding events just your in their view "insubordination" so perhaps prepare your,case with this in mind. I wish you well at your meeting.

9th January 2015, 14:53
Awww thanks Zip. No, not worrying more annoyed over it all, at my manager for being so weak and at myself for reacting first before thinking, but as said if had to do it again I would do the same thing.

I really admire my coworker, I really don’t know how she maintained that kind of self control. When I spoke to her about it she said ‘a lifetime of practice’. I highly doubt I will lose my job over it, and if I did…‘oh well’ lol I’ll find another, it’s just my health insurance that’s attached to the job that I‘m mostly concerned about. Without it in this country your seriously screwed if you become seriously ill.

Thanks for your thoughts Zip xoxox

Nettie B
9th January 2015, 17:16
That sort of thing is like a red rag to a bull to me too CC.
I've seen a bit of it in the NHS, over here but it wouldn't get anyone very far as the "white/British" health care worker ....at any level is definitely in the minority over here. Anyone who refused to have an "none white individual" dealing with them would barely get through the door! And that's fine by me. They can stay outside!
Racism is rife over here too but I just tell you about the most shocking example I have come across. It was at a Bible study meeting. I've got a rather hot and cold faith so I used to go to try to improve it.
One evening we were like looking at the story of the good Samaritan. The lady who was leading the meeting that evening asked us all "Would anyone find they couldn't help a particular type of person?" One of the most committed " Christians" spoke up with total confidence. "I don't think I could help a black man"! Were all gob smacked. I spoke up and told him when you work for the health service you work with all races and how much we all got on and thought nothing of the colour of each other's skin. I have to admit it but since then I have found it very difficult to speak to him.
I worked with delightful people from all over the world. Many of the non Brits had a tremendous work ethic, particularly the Asians. This is evident in many schools too. British children sometimes can be a little lazy and take education very much for granted. Children from other countries often value it far more. the found Pakistanis were of often such a joy to work with as they were quite chilled and calm, rarely getting to into a panic or venting their frustrations on other members of staff.
I could go on but hubby won't get any tea!
RESPECT is what we all need to give each other isn't it?
CC, there's no way you should lose your job. You deserve promotion.
Over here we do have signs all over the place in hospitals, doctors' surgeries etc stating that verbal or physical abuse towards staff will not be tolerated!
Love Nettie.

10th January 2015, 01:32
Thanks for sharing that Nettie.

We should have such signs placed everywhere, but we are to concerned about pleasing the patient we forget about the staff. Of course I’m not saying the patient’s needs shouldn’t be the first priority, but such verbal abuse should not be tolerated from anyone, patients or staff members.

Sounds like you would make a great team member on the Cultural Diversity Team here Nettie with your knowledge and experience. It’s interesting how different nationalities perceive work and education. Indeed it does come down to respect. Even the animals know the meaning of respect. They take care of their old and their young.

Well I’ll certainly keep you all posted of the verdict after my trial lol :) Where’s Judge Judy when you need her ?!!


Nettie B
10th January 2015, 13:13
I wish I could be there CC. I'm a bit of a whimp when it comes to standing up for myself but I hate any sort of intolerance.
I can be very vocal on behalf of anyone I feel is being treaed unfairly.
All the very best to you. It's good you have a non white gentleman fighting your corner!
X Nettie.

10th January 2015, 14:05
Aww thanks Nettie, I appreciate that. Would love to have you there as well ! As well as the rest of my supportive friends. You all could wear T-shirts they say Team CC on them! haha :) Maybe I’ll get lucky it will be an all non white jury ! lol

I’m pretty good at standing up for myself, and apparently others as well. My hubby give me good advice and told me to keep my mouth shut, say as little as possible, and let the Cultural Diversity manager lead the way. A strategy I plan to take.

Interestingly, this manager contacted me yesterday and asked me if I felt physically threatened by the patient ? I told him no. He told me my co worker perceived it differently and felt she was, which was one of the reasons she got up and walked away. I didn’t realize she felt threatened that way. This man might be planning a strategy as well.


11th January 2015, 03:56
I hope there is a strategy brewing! We can't have you loose your job over someone like that. KMS is a good way to go. (Keep Mouth Shut)

However, Carmine should go with.

Love, Lynne


11th January 2015, 13:26
LOL no worries Lynne, slim chance I’ll lose my job, but going to fight to make sure make sure I won’t be written up over someone and something like this. This is as new job position for me, but I’ve been with this healthcare organization over 15 years and never been written up, and don't intend to now.

I have my strategy planned, 1. KMS, 2. the Cultural Diversity guy, 3. Apologize 4. Sign nothing 5. Uncle Carmine, in that exact order.

If things don’t go well #5 gets bumped up to #1 :)

It’s so interesting, I was telling my husband when I was working in the clinic, 90% of the patients there were Spanish and African American with little to no resources, living at poverty level and some homeless. Yet all so humble, appreciative and grateful for the little they had, and what the clinic provided them. Those patients often have had to wait over five hours just to be seen by a doctor, yet at the end of their visit I can’t even count how many times a patient would say to me with a smile ‘have a blessed day’.

This new job is located in a wealthy area, the patients are 90% white middle to upper middle class, and they are the nastiest bunch I’ve come across, act so privileged and entitled, and god forbid they are waiting more the 10 minutes for their appointment they start complaining, and everyone starts running to kiss their spoiled brat butts. Unfortunately for me I have no patience and tolerance for it, and know I have to move on. More of a reason for me to fight hard not to get written up when seeking an internal job transfer.


11th January 2015, 13:36
CC.......How about if us Mad British Ladies get a flight out to sort this thing out for you, we'll put them in their place, no problem You won't need Uncle C with us there Lady !!LOL The only problem is we'll have to leave the men on here, together to take care of each other while we're gone. On second thoughts Noooooo they'de never cope without us Gals. LOL xx

11th January 2015, 13:53

Agree, men trying to take care of themselves without us women ?!! Never heard of such a thing! lol

Certainly sounds like another great strategy Zip! I would love for you all to come! Wear your T-shirts, make some signs saying 'Justice for CC'... a gang of English ladies busting into the Human Resource dept. Wouldn't that be fun!!

Of course Uncle Carmine would be so disappointed...Lmao :)


11th January 2015, 14:02
If you want a giving person go to someone that has very little in a poor country, if you want something done go to a busy person.

Nettie B
11th January 2015, 20:26
CC. Your story about the difference between the have and have-nots reminds me of something!
I took slightly early retirement from our state funded NHS ...( free to everyone) for a more relaxed quality of life and so I could spend more time with my baby grandson. 4 months later my husband left me, leaving me with the house .... but also the mortgage and other bills. I had to find work again and as my old job had now been filled I took a job at the local private hospital where only the well off or well insured could go. I hated it to be honest despite the rate of pay and working conditions being much better. Mainly it was some of the patients but also it was the way SOME or the consultants (who all worked for the NHS as their main jobs) put on a completely different persona when dealing with the more well off. I felt like a servant!
Not for me! I preferred working with the salt of the earth who were much more appreciative.

11th January 2015, 21:38
Thanks for sharing that Nettie, it must have been a very difficult time for you.

I couldn’t agree more. I left the clinic because it was a far commute from my home, and between the cost of gas, and my health insurance cost it was eating up my paycheck. The difference between here and there is at least I felt I contributed, and made a small difference is someone’s life there.

This place it not the right fit for me, I know it, and feel it in my heart. I’d rather walk with the paupers, and the salt of the earth as you say, then these stuck up, self important white bread snobs any day! Your so right, they think we are here to serve them. My problem is I refuse to, and when I watch other staff members bending over backwards to please them and their rudeness, it nauseates me.

I’m so afraid my next post won’t be about my big mouth getting me in trouble, but my fist belting one of them in their smug face. There definitely won’t be a mediation meeting for that one, just Security escorting me to the door, and assault and battery charges to follow!


11th January 2015, 22:41
Hello CC and Spring
If your going to fly the girls to NY, don't worry about us guys we can suffer the indignities of Thiland. It's a sacrifice we are prepared to make for our womenfolk.
Enjoy your trip.

11th January 2015, 22:49
Lmao :) Thank you for your manly sacrifice Pacer, very appreciated.


12th January 2015, 04:44
I'll meet you ladies at CC's. Carmine would love accompanying the English ladies. You'd be covered! We could take care of all of them. I bet they'd start to act better. Never underestimate the power of determined ladies!!

What a sight that'd be!!

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))) )))))))))))))))))))))


15th January 2015, 23:48
Just a quick update, justice for all. Thanks to my new friend the Cultural Diversity manager, and a team leader he brought with him, a lovely Asian lady.

Every time this Manager spoke, along with his colleague the Asian lady, I swore I heard a choir of angels singing! Lol They spoke of racism related violence in with workplace, tolerance, acceptance and respect. As well as new policies and procedures put into place for ‘all’ employees against verbal, and physical abuse related to any racially incited incidents directed from patients to staff members, and visa versa.

This man had a way of speaking that shifted the focus of my actions off of me, and onto the direction of racism itself in the work environment. I got the sense from the HR mediator she didn’t want to render a politically incorrect decision to the Cultural Diversity couple.

No one asked for an apology from me, nor did I volunteer up the one I had rehearsed, but did explain my reaction in the heat of the moment. I also stated I would do the same thing again for my coworker if faced with the same situation (not quite an apology or the KMS rule Lynne lol, but the truth of the matter) The insubordination form was thrown out of the courtroom :) :)

I’m not so sure things would have gone so well without the Cultural Diversity team. Going out tomorrow evening with my coworker/friend to have us a little ‘happy’ drink together. I invited the Cultural Diversity manager to join us. I noticed he wasn’t wearing a wedding band, and my coworker is a single Mom…hey you never know ! J You see what I mean…I still can’t mind my own business lol

Thanks for listening and the support.

- ‘In the end, we will not remember the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends’ - Martin Luther King, Jr. (now isn’t that the truth)

PS Uncle Carmine is back playing bocce ball with his retirement boys, oh well maybe next time…:)

15th January 2015, 23:56
CC I am so pleased it is resolved and all behind you The world has gone PC mad, I reckon. I know I would have got hot under the collar, just like you did and I have never been one to keep my feelings to myself. It is over now, thank goodness! Onwards and upwards! x

16th January 2015, 00:36
Great result CC. Never doubted your success in this action against you. Hopefully in time we will eradicate prejudice of all forms.

16th January 2015, 02:53
Well done CC!!

All's well that ends well!! ;)

Kind regards, Dave x x

16th January 2015, 03:27
Sounds like there WAS angels there!

Yes, you are a romantic!! Do you suppose the Cultural Diversity guy will show up? We will wait for updates on the couple. If you pull that one off Uncle Carmine will be pleased. Bocce ball is rather boring!


Love and Hugs,


16th January 2015, 09:32
So glad that is over with for you. It's a shame there are such people in the world.

Alison x

16th January 2015, 12:05
That's good to hear Cc;

Love Terry

16th January 2015, 12:20
Hey CC Fantastic outcome and the correct one. Have a drink for me you little Lady Matchmaker. Love the idea, nobody should be without a partner and lonely if they don't choose to be I'm always trying to get single people together. Have got a couple of success stories under my belt. LOL xx

16th January 2015, 14:09
Thank you Guys :)

I’ll make sure to give you an update on the dirty details if there turns out to be any lol I don’t quite have your matchmaking skills Zip, for all I know he could be a married man just not wearing a wedding band. Either way I’m buying him a drink, and it should be fun and interesting time :)


16th January 2015, 20:25
Great news CC and triumph for justice.


16th January 2015, 20:49
Well done CC common sense still reigns
Dave xx

Nettie B
16th January 2015, 21:01
Wonderful news CC. Common sense prevails!

15th February 2015, 15:17
Ugh. My job has become extremely difficult since the whole racism, Human Resources incident. My manager is really holding a grudge. Women!

This had put me in a very difficult position because of the formal ‘90 day probation period’ for all new jobs including internal job transfers as mine was. My manager told me she felt I was ’not a good fit’ for her department. I told her I completely agree. I’m really struggling to deal with the snobby patients I deal with there on a daily basis, and only so long I could hold my tongue.

So like a mad woman on a mission I had to find another benefited part time position in a month before my 90 days was up or I knew the axe was coming and I‘d be out of health insurance for me and my kids.

Mission accomplished. I’m heading for the psychiatric ward in the sub basement of the hospital on a lock down Unit. To be honest I’m very scared and nervous. The patients are recovering drug addicts and those with psychiatric issues. The new manager took me on a tour of the unit and I noticed all the tops of the doors looked broken when I asked the manager about the doors she said the top of the doors collapse so patients can’t hang themselves! Not to judge, but this really has me freaked out!!

I told my hubby I’m giving this new Unit 90 days if I’m ready to become a patient there myself in that time period I’m taking a very early retirement and my kids can go out and find their own health insurance and pay for it themselves…I’m done.

Will keep you posted…:)
CC xox

15th February 2015, 15:40
Sounds like a tough job CC, but you're a tough cookie. Don't bring it home with you.
Good luck! xx

15th February 2015, 16:20
Good luck CC, hope you settle into the new position, it probably seems a lot tougher on first impression but I'm sure you can handle it!

All the best, Dave..

15th February 2015, 17:50
Awww CC that really is typical of a female manager can't take the heat. Give me a male any day. Good luck in your new appointment. It may all be for the best things happen for a,reason. Hugs Springtime xx

15th February 2015, 20:54
It was less than a year ago that you were saying if women ruled the world, now you're saying they can't run a department well.

Zep; I would prefer that you, "Give me a women any day".

I hope you fit in OK down there CC, if you are having second and third thoughts, can't you change your mind and say it's not for you. I would not think that she could get rid of you easily because it would seem that it had something to do with the racism case.

I wish you good luck, huggs and love, Terry

15th February 2015, 23:23
LOL The smart ones can Terry! Hilary Clinton just might win the 2016 election! How historic, first a black President then a Woman! Progress :)

Thanks guys :) From one tough cookie to another Ellie, will try not to take it home with me as long as I make it home! Lol Your right Dave probably looks tougher then it actually will be, at least I hope so. I have to agree Zip, male managers come without the drama and emotions that some women bring, the whole incident should have ended right when it ended.

Yes I can change my mind Terry, but then I will either be left without a job or need to find another. Yes current manager can easily get rid of me in the 90 day probation period if she feels I’m not a good fit for her department. Which I am not.

I can’t stomach how the staff gets treated by the majority of the patients. Yet they all manage to put on a happy face, and bend over backwards to please them. A skill I have not been able to achieve, but wish I could. I literally want to sock them one good when they speak to me like I’m a peasant there to serve them. This is where the problem lies for me, and apparent to my manager as well plus the past issue between us.

I understand and respect as a patient they are under stress and worried, after all aren’t we all when it comes to our health. Still to me it does not give anyone the right to be verbally nasty and rude, especially to staff members that are just doing their job to help. I never had this type of problem before, not sure if it’s me having less tolerance, or people are just getting nastier, and nastier ??

Either way it was time for me to go…when it doesn’t feel right it usually isn’t right...I should have known better.

Being a bit of a wack-a-doodle myself, I’m hoping I’ll feel right at home :)

You all are really the best!! Thanks…

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