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13th January 2015, 09:27
Hi All

Just sat in the Norfolk & Norwich hospital recovering from having a RIG fitted yesterday. All has gone well and brilliant care from the staff here.

I see that Joycie had her PIG fitted yesterday too, good to see she is also doing well.


13th January 2015, 09:59
So pleased to hear it has gone well Arthur. Thinking of you and Joycie. Rachel x

13th January 2015, 10:09
Glad you and Joyce's procedures went well.

Take care.
Alison x

13th January 2015, 10:32
Good news Arthur, will speak soon.

13th January 2015, 14:10
Hope all goes well, Terry

13th January 2015, 14:15
Wishing you a speedy recovery :)

14th January 2015, 14:39
that is just super news, Arthur. You will be like me, very relieved it is all over. Onwards and upwards now, Arthur x

14th January 2015, 17:06
Thanks all for your supportive comments. It's all gone extremely smoothly so I feel very lucky. I'm settling into my feed regime and now have the choice of eating the "safe" foods that I can still enjoy but use the RIG to get my nutrition levels back up.

The procedure went smoothly (no sedation due to my reduced lung function) but it really wasn't too bad to put up with. Fingers crossed my good start continues!

Take care all.

14th January 2015, 17:54
I had my BIPAP mask on all the time and a sedative but in truth I was conscious the whole time and watching the scan machine! The
Sheffield anaesthetist and the radiology team were just super, kept chatting to me and it wasn't that bad. Just very, very slick and professional.

Thankfully, like you, I don't need to use the peg all the time because I can still eat and drink but it is very heartening to know that there is an alternative.

I have come away with loads of syringes and the dietician rang this afternoon to say she is coming on Monday afternoon

I am so pleased you are ok

Lots of love

Joycie x

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