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14th January 2015, 15:23
Hello all

Just to let you all know that we are home now.

Thank you so much, Trevor, for doing my posting for me when I was holed up in the Sheffield Royal Hallamshire Hospital for the PIG procedure

It wasn't the most comfortable thing I have ever experienced but it is over and done with now. The team over there don't think there are any complications as everything went copy book. I hope they are right.

I took three laminates in with me in the operating room - "Yes" "No" and "Thank you" so I was waving them about when they asked me questions. It made them all laugh, kept them amused. But what a phenomenal team over there in Sheffield I went over there with great faith in them and I haven't been disappointed.

Lets hope things settle down now. It is done now and finished with. Thank God for that!

Thank you all so much for your best wishes

I am most appreciative.

Lots of love

Joycie xx

14th January 2015, 16:48
So pleased for your Joycie, I had my MND nurse come to see me today and she is putting me forward for a PEG, I had said I didn't want one but with all the recent 'positives' in my life I feel I owe it to myself to do this to maintain a bit more life instead of just giving up

14th January 2015, 17:56
Hi Joycie

Good to see all went well for you and the great support you have had from your hospital team. I felt in very safe hands too in the Norfolk & Norwich. I arrived home last night and I'm sat here having my second "meal" of the day as I type. Wishing you a speedy recovery and I hope you get used to the new routine as quickly as I seem to have done.

Jan - I've been avoiding the feeding tube for as long as I could but now I feel like a weight has been lifted, meals are no longer a challenge and the fear of choking has gone. I would recommend to anyone faced with what have to deal with to give it serious thought.


14th January 2015, 19:47
Jan, go for it! It isn't anything you would choose to have done but I am so pleased, like Arthur, that I did it and it is over and done with. It presents you with so many options - you are not just dependent on what you can eat and drink the normal way. I too feel like a weight has been lifted from me - like a black cloud had disappeared,

Joycie xx

15th January 2015, 02:41
Hello Joycie,
So pleased to hear about your wonderful experience. You make it sound so easy, with your strong mindset, you will soon heal. Best wishes.
xx Marieline

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