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17th January 2015, 21:42
Hello everyone again
My 77 year old father is in hospital recovering from pneumonia and severe dehydration which has left a further deteroration on him. He now has a uti should we be worried about this in relation to the mnd? Thank you

17th January 2015, 22:30
is your father prone to them? 2 yrs ago i seemed to be getting them one after another and my gp couldnt tell me why, i then saw a locum who suggested i was tested for diabetes and it came back positive. apparently diabetes can bring uti's on. in relation to MND i've never heard of any link or any trouble with the two together. a glass of cranberry juice a day used to help when i had an infection, my gp said it was an old wives tale but i'm sure it helped.
hope this helps,

17th January 2015, 22:35
Thank you no he is not prone to them and the first in a long while. I hope a week of antibotics and it clears up. :D

17th January 2015, 22:37
Hi hopeful, sorry to read that your dad is in hospital.
I'm not sure about a uti being related to mnd other than from the experience I have of my husband who at times will drink less so he doesn't have to go the toilet as much.
This is mainly when I am at work so he doesn't have to ask the Carer to see to his personal needs. I worry that this could lead to a uti but up to now hasn't.
If your dad is dehydrated then this would suggest that he isn't drinking enough fluids which can lead to a uti.
Sounds like your dad is best in hospital are they giving him intravenous fluids?
Hope he feels better soon.

18th January 2015, 10:01
When my late Mother was getting a lot of water infections, our GP explained it was common in older people and would often clear up even before any medications was taken. You can normally tell if you have one because your wee smells fishy.

18th January 2015, 12:45
Hi thanks he fed via a rig due to progressive bulbar palsy so is now nil by mouth. New Year's Day his sodium levels were excessively high. He has had careful management of this with fluids. Still hoping it is just a blip and not cause complications in his prognosis of low months xx we are also anxious as moved to a new ward/rehab unit to try get safe for a return to home, so getting use to new member of staff at a weekend and my dad is unable to communicate to myself so rely on the staff for updates.

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