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18th January 2015, 23:23
Hi friends.
For a while now my fingers on my right hand have been curling in. Over the last couple weeks they have got really worse. I knew it would happen, what I didn't expect was the pain in my finger joints and even my wrist. I suspect that the joints are seizing.
As anyone had a lot of pain when this has happened to them.

19th January 2015, 00:31
Hi David
Paul's fingers have been curling in over the last few weeks & this has caused him rather a lot of pain & discomfort, I try to massage his hands a couple of times a day & they do loosen up as the day goes on. We also put the slide board across the arms of the wheelchair & put his hands flat to give them a stretch. Paul has the same problem with his toes too.
Hope this may help
Take Care Nettie

19th January 2015, 09:08
No pain yet with my right hand or wrist David, possibly you are further along with the disease than me though? If my situation changes I'd come back and say so.

19th January 2015, 12:04
My fingers are curled into my palms completely now. When it first started the joints were very tender and painful. As it progressed the pain subsided and it's gone now, along with any hand function.

19th January 2015, 14:57
Thanks. So it's normal to have some pain, well that's a relief, NOT
i wish I could shout, I know a lot of swear words that I could shout from the tallest mountain. But that means another problem, I couldn't get up the mountain.

19th January 2015, 15:47
Sorry to hear of another hurdle for you David;

It's not nice especially if painful. Mine curl in a bit but usable and not painful yet.

Hope you find a way of getting it less painful.

Best wishes, Terry

19th January 2015, 17:57
I have no pain but my fingers are curling. I have been referred to have splints made to wear at night.

19th January 2015, 18:07
Hi David,

Jeans fingers started to curl in but we massaged them and then she wore a splint which kept them straight for an hour or so a day. It came from the physiotherapist.

Alison x

19th January 2015, 21:10
Mum had a lot of pain and was prescribed among other meds Duloxetine and splints with physiotherapy. Duloxetine has many uses (including psychological) but it works well on musculoskeletal pain. Hope you get sorted.

19th January 2015, 23:33
my fingers used to curl, but now i have fluid retention in my hands they seemed to have straightened back out and now not as much pain. it just looks like i'm wearing some flesh coloured mickey mouse hands! isnt MND just great!

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