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21st January 2015, 14:32
I have learned from Facebook that Joyce is back in hospital with a post operative infection, so she was right to worry when she came out.

21st January 2015, 15:37
thats a shame, hopefully she will recover soon

21st January 2015, 16:04
Thanks Trevor;

I hopped Joyce was exaggerating when she was explaining things, clearly not. Please wish her all the best from us.


21st January 2015, 18:52
I was talking to her at the weekend and thought things had settled down. So sorry to hear she is back in hospital she was so looking forward to her Strictly this evening. Give her my love. AnnE

21st January 2015, 19:29
She is waiting for a CT scan, just a precaution, hope to be back home tomorrow.

21st January 2015, 19:49
Thanks Trevor;

I always fear the worse, Terry

21st January 2015, 22:35
Hi Trevor

Pass on my best wishes, let's hope they sort the problem out quickly.


22nd January 2015, 00:02
Hi Trevor, please convey my well wishes and prayers for a prompt recovery. She will be at home in no time.

Best wishes

22nd January 2015, 09:54
She is still in this morning waiting for her CT scan.

22nd January 2015, 10:30
Hope they sort it out quickly.

22nd January 2015, 14:06
Good news, the CT scan was clear, on antibiotics, should be back home later today.

22nd January 2015, 15:31
Welcome news. Thank you Trevor.

22nd January 2015, 17:57
Hello all. I knew I was poorly because I was so low - not like me! The infection started five days after procedure but no one recognised it as a problem until dietician came two days later and we got GP to get antibiotics. Then the PEG nurse came the next day, took one look and said hospital - and we finished up there for two nights! The gastro consultant recommended a CT scan just in case there were problems with the PEG itself but that has come back normal, showing that the PEG is in place with no collections. Doctors say just carry on with the CLINDAMYCIN and it will sort out. I don't want to put the wind up anyone considering having a feeding tube fitted, for sure. Infections and complications can always happen with any form of surgery and I have just drawn the long straw. So, slowly, slowly, I am going to recuperate. No more rushing around. I have learnt my lesson! Thanks to all of you for your good wishes. Trevor has been passing them on to me via Facebook. Thanks so much, Trevor. xx Love to all Joycie xx

22nd January 2015, 18:21
Hi Joycie

Good to see you're back from hospital. Get that rest you've just promised yourself!

Take care

22nd January 2015, 18:57
Good to see you back home and on here again Joycie, you have been missed, Now take care. xx

Nettie B
22nd January 2015, 19:13
So pleased that things have turned around for you Joycie.
Glad the hospital has had a "belt and braces" approach and that you can be confident that the PIG itself is O.K.
That gives you reassurance doesn't it?
Get plenty of rest won't you. As you will have seen from our recent Facebook postings posts, lack of sleep has very negative effects apart from the the physical education ones and we could all do without them!
XX from Nettie X X

22nd January 2015, 20:09
I am determined to take it easy, Nettie. I have my best pal coming down from Glasgow for a week and she wont let me do anything. And Peter is very good to me. As long as someone goes out and feeds my little birds and fills up the bird baths, that is fine. I am just so pleased to be home, Nettie, as I am sure you are! First night my bed was between an old lady who simply sobbed all night and the nurses station (sleep nil!) The second night, in a much better ward. with a lady with pneumonia who was crying out all the time, a man in the next ward shouting for Margaret all night (I felt like getting dressed, going out of the hospital and just finding someone called that!!) and then the woman opposite got on her mobile phone at 0550 hours and made a very noisy 30 minute long telephone call to her husband, who was off the work! So no rest at all - it is miraculous to be here with Peter! Love Joycie xx

22nd January 2015, 20:09
So pleased you are home, now take things easy and let everyone look after you xx

22nd January 2015, 22:46
Hi Joycie,
I'm pleased you are home recovering. Hospitals are great at making you well but unfortunately they also have other patients who are not considerate.
I hope you are able to inject some of your special poetic humour into this episode.
Barry xx

23rd January 2015, 01:31
Can only echo all of the above Joycie, happy your home where you should be. Now rest woman, you just had should surgery time to be treated like a queen :)


23rd January 2015, 05:24
Morning everyone. I am up mega early taking antibiotics because I didn't take required dosage yesterday, with moves around the hospital. This is the first day I have been able to stand up straight without pain and discomfort so that is tremendously good news. We are having a really quiet day just chilling and relaxing. Tomorrow we have company for a week but that will do us good, because it is my best pal and she is lively - and very, very bossy so she will sort me out, I am sure! Thank you all so much for your best wishes. It was so much appreciated. Love Joycie x

23rd January 2015, 08:16
Good to hear Joycie is home and resting - a new experience for her no doubt!! Take good care Joycie and take your time, no chasing Peter for a wee while. xx

23rd January 2015, 12:10
he is having a really quiet time! He should be making the most of it! x Joycie

23rd January 2015, 12:36
Good to hear from you. I have a feeling you won't be resting for long! You will soon be up and raring to go but maybe a bit more slowly. I've had PEG infection in the past and even now it still gets gunky but not infected.

23rd January 2015, 22:11
Glad to hear you're now home. Wish you all the best. Becky x

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