View Full Version : how are you doing Roy?

21st January 2015, 21:03
Evening all, I have been thinking about Roy and how I haven't seen any posts from him.....but maybe I have missed them.
Anyway I do miss your dry sense of humour Roy...I hope you are still enjoying life as best as you can and continuing with your witty repartee'in your head' at least.
with love and extra special kisses

21st January 2015, 21:54
His last visit to the forum was on the 9th of this month. I know his hands are not good. Best send him a PM and next time he might manage to reply.

I do miss him as well, Terry

22nd January 2015, 00:38
Hi Debbie,
Roy is a facebook friend and posts on there from time to time but not often. I think as Terry says his fingers are not as nimble as they were so posting is not so easy.


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