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1st February 2015, 17:41
To All

As said in previous post, I am very sorry my words offended anyone, and of course was never my intent. Your correct Terry I guess there is a difference in sense of humor from your country and mine.

I feel it’s time say my good bye. I am sorry that my words are so often misunderstood, and misinterpreted here. I sincerely wish you all much love, comfort, continued support for one another, and of course the long awaited cure for this dreadful illness.

Much Love to you all :)
CC xox

1st February 2015, 17:50
You're joking Cc;

It's only that PXXX word.

Love Terry

1st February 2015, 18:37
CC, nobody takes offence at you. You are much loved here. I for one would be heartbroken if you stopped posting on here. Please reconsider. Hugs Joycie x

1st February 2015, 18:43
CC - you cannot be serious????????????????

1st February 2015, 18:47
CC :)Lovely Lady Nooooooooooooo, please don't go, you haven't offended anyone that I am aware of.
You have a fantastic sense of humour, and we all Love you soooooooooo get back on here Girlfriend;)
Your words are NOT misunderstood CC, it just us Brits have No Go areas with regard to the PXXXX and no worries theres a lot worse.
I am sure when you read our messages you will realise it was just a silly misunderstanding, that happens every now and again.
So speak with ya soon. xxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooxxxxxxx
Zipperdee do da, :cool:
Zipperdee ay,
Terrys not having such a Wonderful day,
Theres plenty of Sunshine heading my way,
But Terry aint got none, Zipperdee ay!!! :D
I sang that to yer Lady. xx
And Why !!!! cos he upset Mother Nature Fairy

1st February 2015, 18:48
Oh Ecky Thump Terry, I don't mean YOUR a Fairy! LOL x

1st February 2015, 19:04
You can't blame me for this Zep;

I guess, being a woman your blame any man. LOL. Just thinking of a song by Bill Whithers reading your post Zep


Love Terry

1st February 2015, 19:31
Ha ha Our Terry...It usually is a man to blame. As I am sure your wife would agree. Hugs anyway Snowman. X

Nettie B
1st February 2015, 19:31
Oh CC! What on earth is this all about? Nothing you have ever said has bothered me at all. I'm fact I've always enjoyed your posts. PLEASE don't go!
Love ❤ from Nettie X

1st February 2015, 19:33
Please please dont go CC
You are one of the most loved forumite

Dave and Sharyn xxx

1st February 2015, 21:03
Hey CC xx I really hope you're not thinking of leaving. You're a much loved and valued member here and you write the most amazing posts. As Dave says please don't go xxx Becky

1st February 2015, 23:32

Sorry you cannot just leave the forum, it's a matter of loyalty, you have been a much loved and always ready to give a warm welcome to new members, it has been my good fortune to get to know you, and being a similar age to John, I guess he and I cannot understand why intelligent people's word choice sometimes surprises , had it been a really offensive word ,our Andrew would have given you a yellow card ,followed by us Brits closing our embassy over there. Followed by much tutting and frowning, so to avoid all that hysteria ,hope you reconsider.

1st February 2015, 23:37
My Sharyn mouthed this
Je suis Ccinjersey

1st February 2015, 23:40
cc, dont go just because someone got their panties in a bunch (as you americans would say) because you used the word pissed. we are all adults and no one has the right to make themselves the forums moral compass and dictate what language anyone uses, maybe if they are so outraged they should leave. dont go anywhere.

Night walker
2nd February 2015, 00:51

You can't leave, I cannot see how anyone could be offended by anyone in this forum. It's a place we can talk freely and rant and laugh and cry. Dont go I love your posts, xxxxx

Sylv xxxx

2nd February 2015, 01:31
Awww I can feel the love all the way across the pond…and hope you can feel mine back :)

Andrew, I think we might be in need an English Translator here lol

OMG !! Here I am apologizing because I thought it was the pexxx word that caused offense that I used in an innuendo about a firemen‘s big hose in my girl talk with Zip!!!…. Not the ‘pissed off’ word.!!!

John when you put Pxxx I thought you meant the other P word ! Because pissed off in my world is not offensive so that word never came to my mind.

Ok let’s set things right. That is not at all an offensive word here, it is a slang word, but it is used in everyday language, even used in the work place. It means to be annoyed or angered, does it mean the same there ?? Or is it considered a curse word there?? For example, in a sentence we would say “my boss is really pissed off at me today”

Hope you understand, but I’m a New Yorker this is the way I speak, it’s not at all inappropriate from my part of the world.

I’m not familiar your countrie's cultural boundaries in the humor department, and apparently your English language from mine lol. I’m aware I have an off colored sense of humor, but I would never post in bad taste intentionally, or with the intent to hurt or offend. Again if I crossed boundaries there, I’m sorry.

And let me just clarify one more thing; Terry this is all your fault ! :) :)


2nd February 2015, 02:05
It's funny how one word can have two completely different meanings depending which English speaking country you are from. We had a visiting incontinence specialist come over from the USA and at the opening of the meeting her invited every one to come and sit their Fannies down, not realising in Australia that we use that term as slang for vagina, it had to be explained to him why everyone burst out laughing.
Keep on posting CC.
Love Jam

2nd February 2015, 02:40
LOL :) that really is very funny Jam! Thanks for sharing


2nd February 2015, 03:57
What happened? I missed it?

I thought (from what I remember) being pissed, in the UK means drunk, right? Like having too much to drink?

I'm confused

2nd February 2015, 04:14
Lynne your so funny :)

I was confused too Lynne!! I thought it meant the male organ 'PXXXX' ! which I don't think we can say, so PXXXX had me never leaving our country again !! lol Our English friends here actually had me wondering if a 'snow blower' in this country meant the male organ as well...

OMG, LOL, ok this crazy American is going night night now...good night.


2nd February 2015, 10:14
Hi CC,

For those who commented ,I would point out that John removed his post and apologised for his comments ,as did CC, maybe Miks post is valid ,I had parents who never allowed the use of any slang words ,my mum said you have a vast array of words to use that don't offend why use those that may do to some !!, I really think this has gone beyond all reasonable replies , it really isn't worth the time to post when things are taken to these extremes ,Mik your right mate time for a change of forum.

2nd February 2015, 10:58
I think we get a wee too hung up on swearing etc - isn't discussing life with MND more important? I have been around here long enough to understand that CC doesn't mean any ill-feeling. I have also had the pleasure of knowing New Yorkers virtually all my life and their wit can be dry with Jewish roots - think Joan Rivers, Woody Allen or best of all.....Lenny Bruce. :)

2nd February 2015, 11:04
Hi All, apologies all round when none were needed by John and CC. Anyway we' re all ok now and playing nicely together. Oh yes CC you can use the penis word it's acceptable but not with head on the end. Oh and a bit of useless information when I was a child my father who never swore would not allow us to say "shut up" we had to say " please be Quiet" and if we used the word "dam" we were relegated to our room for the evening. Oh well just saying . Hugs to all. X

2nd February 2015, 12:50
It's all my fault Cc;

You are all right Pixxed is being drunk and being Pixxed off is something you say about someone that you've hand enough or to much of. I suppose that I might say somethings but not write them down. Believe it or not I am a bit careful writing things down.

People often over look saying or swearing things once but when it is repeated it loses it's strength or any real meaning.

Anyway, Cc's gone, so that means that I have won and have the last word over a woman!!!!

Love Terry

2nd February 2015, 13:20
I think we get a wee too hung up on swearing etc - isn't discussing life with MND more important? I have been around here long enough to understand that CC doesn't mean any ill-feeling. I have also had the pleasure of knowing New Yorkers virtually all my life and their wit can be dry with Jewish roots - think Joan Rivers, Woody Allen or best of all.....Lenny Bruce. :)

Here here Jock, aren't there more important things in our lives than a few naughty words?

2nd February 2015, 13:46
Of course it’s your fault Terry! It’s always the man’s fault, you should know that, you’ve been trained Lol First he begs me to stay, and now true to form he is dumping me again! Men!

Ok so I get it now the ‘p’ word in your country is a swearing word. Ok I respect that, and the other ’p’ word is ok to say when we are talking about Firemen’s hoses, but just can’t say ‘head’ after it… Right ? Just want to be clear here lol… Oh god help me….let me just apologize now to all you wonderful British folks for all the wrong words I’m going to say in the future to avoid another English language communication breakdown here! Lol

Jock, that’s quite an accurate observation. Interestingly I grow up in a part of Brooklyn that was an all Italian/Jewish neighborhood. The two nationalities were like kissing cousins, yes indeedy with a very dry sense of humor. We smart Brooklyn girls had a saying ‘we’d sleep with the Italian boys, but marry the Jewish ones!’ but I wasn’t that smart lol and just followed my heart.

More and most importantly, John, you know how much I value our friendship. You’re a sailing man…remember in the movie Titanic when Rose was going to jump off the back of the ship, and Jack told her if she jumps, he jumps. Well my dear friend if you leave, I leave, and that doesn’t seem to be allowed here.


2nd February 2015, 13:59
the best news, CC, the best news! xx Love from Joycie xx

Nettie B
2nd February 2015, 15:17
That's spot on CC. Once in the club .. always in the club. Good to have you back!
(Oh, by the way, that's another bit of British nonsense. Being "in the club can mean you are a member of a club or that you are pregnant!")
We are weird over here!

2nd February 2015, 15:27
USA and Uk separated by the Atlantic and the english language!
Welcome home CC

2nd February 2015, 17:53

2nd February 2015, 18:13
I thought I'd got rid of you Cc and had the last word;

Do I really have to put up with you for longer.

Love Terry

2nd February 2015, 21:08
Get the hose out CC xx

2nd February 2015, 22:11
I believe they call a hose a branch in the fire service. I am sure Terry will correct me if I am wrong.

3rd February 2015, 02:07
Awww you guys made me cry…so sweet and thank you :)

Now we have to get back to business. Terry you know you were just about ready to swim the Atlantic Ocean for your best banter buddy in the whole wide world ! Come on now ‘man up’ and admit it. You also know that no man ever gets the last word, but it will be fun to watch you try.

Yes the hose for sure Zip!


3rd February 2015, 04:37
Nettie - "That's spot on CC. Once in the club .. always in the club. Good to have you back!
(Oh, by the way, that's another bit of British nonsense. Being "in the club can mean you are a member of a club or that you are pregnant!") We are weird over here! " REALLY?!?!? Strange, this

CC - glad you're staying!

Terry - You're not getting rid of the "crazy Americans" that easily!!

Love and hugs,


3rd February 2015, 15:08
English (UK ) version is the Mother language Lynne, all the rest are poor copies. Just joking!😃

3rd February 2015, 16:36
Hi Lynne;

It has the same two meanings here as well. Are you saying Cc is with child? I thought that she's to old at 60.

Love Terry

3rd February 2015, 23:38
I thought that she's to old at 60.

Love Terry...quote unquote!
I thought you said you broke up with cc?...come on Terry you are trying to 'hunt with the hare and run with the hound' !!Are you telling us that you 'had 's"$^ua*l relations with that woman'........if she is with child...we know who to blame...... Topcat! Now we know that there's more to pigeon post than packages of vitamins!
The rest of the harem better take note (come on girls we gotta stick together and support our yanky doodle dandy)
CC I hope he does the right thing by you....
I'm almost afraid to sign off
xxxxxxxDebbiexxxxxxooo ....

4th February 2015, 01:18
Hahaha that’s very funny Debbie!

No Debbie he never does right by me! First he asked me to marry him, I said yes, and the next day he immediately dumps me in front of my whole forum family, (you all remember that right!? And heartbroken I was) Then he begs me to come back and when I do he yells at me, and wants to get rid of me again! Calls me old, and tells me I should put tape over my mouth, and that I’m way to sexual for his taste! And he insists his going to get the last word!! Lmao :)

OMG!! I just realized this sound exactly like marriage!

A far as the contents of those vitamin packages going back and forth over the Atlantic,….I’ll never kiss and tell…:)


4th February 2015, 04:22
Yikes!! How did this happen? CC with child? I'm not commenting on her age but I think she might be past the age to be with child.... I know I am.

How do these things go SO wrong? How do they get so far afield?

Terry: This was a quote from Nettie, "That's spot on CC. Once in the club .. always in the club. Good to have you back! (Oh, by the way, that's another bit of British nonsense. Being "in the club can mean you are a member of a club or that you are pregnant!") We are weird over here! " (My comment) REALLY?!?!? Strange, this

Well, tell you what, I'm just going to enjoy!!

((((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))) )))))
Lynne (the other crazy American) = TOCA

4th February 2015, 04:54
I'm 52 Lynne, that seems to qualify me as a ripe old lady in Terry's world. Have to keep reminding him that Jennifer Lopez is 45...just saying...and it's just a number, right TOCA ?!


4th February 2015, 10:36
..Terry come on and do the right thing by CC. Show her your a British Gentleman.

4th February 2015, 15:50
I'm 52 Lynne, that seems to qualify me as a ripe old lady in Terry's world. Have to keep reminding him that Jennifer Lopez is 45...just saying...and it's just a number, right TOCA ?!


52 is young, I am 67 and that is not old.

4th February 2015, 17:42
So sorry Cc;

Got your age wrong again. LOL

Men, I use Reverse Psychology on women, if you want something it's best to ask for the opposite. It works every time, atleast until they realize, that will take a while. I did kindly ask Cc to come back but it didn't work, so I was nasty by saying that I had the last word and other things and she took the bait and is back.

Love Terry

Nettie B
4th February 2015, 21:29
Terry. I really thought that reverse psychology was what clever women used with men. Never been any good at it myself but in great admiration of those who are. Not sure who's winning this one though, you or CC. I think the jury's still out.

4th February 2015, 21:39
I don't know about reverse psychology, but when I wanted my first husband to agree to something I knew he would refuse point blank, I used to get our little daughter to ask him, because he couldn't refuse her anything. It was so naughty, but it worked every time! x

4th February 2015, 22:08
That made me laugh Joycie, when I wanted anything doing I used to plant the seed and make Jim think it was his idea. And when it was all completed I used to say that was a good idea of yours Jim. Without fail he always used to say "I know" lol

5th February 2015, 01:19
Terry I didn’t take your bait you took mine. Think about it…. and take all the extra time a man usually needs :) lol

This one is for my girls ears only -
Ladies, I can always get my husband to agree because being a man he always takes the bait, and it always works! and it’s not reversed psychology lol Men, you gotta love em :)


5th February 2015, 03:33
CC and Terry,
I think you two should just kiss and make up. Or maybe just make up. He did ask you kindly to come back. I think he would miss the sparring.

Well, for the girls:
Like Dusty Springfield used to say, "Hold him and kiss him and love him and show him that you care" Ah, Dusty Springfield and Petula Clark......Sorry, I took a trip down memory lane.

Just random thoughts.

Love, Lynne TOCA (the other crazy American)

5th February 2015, 04:22
LOL No worries TOCA, he really truly loves me, he just has a funny way of showing it. Probably an English thing :)


5th February 2015, 11:41
I am surprised that women use men in such a way!
Sharyn has allowed me to make my own decisions when they agree with hers!

5th February 2015, 12:25
LOL You been trained well Dave, tell Sharyn 'good job' from CC :)

Nettie B
5th February 2015, 14:10
I think it seems to more necessary with some men than others Dave.
I tend to be pretty straightforward and have never learned how to make a man think he's thought of something himself. It's alchemy to me!

5th February 2015, 14:22
Very true Nettie, those stubborn ones certainly need it more.

Did anyone see that movie ’My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ ? There was a part where the mother tells her daughter that the man can be the ‘head’ of the family, but the woman is the ‘neck’, and she can turn the head any which way she wants !! Even more true :) lol


5th February 2015, 17:47
Yes that was a good record Cc;

Zep; Sowing a seed or loading the gun does work so well, and so much less work and funny too if it goes the right way.

Love Terry

5th February 2015, 18:07
Oh dear our Terry I do hope your not one of these "mud" stirers that makes the bullets allowing someone else to fire the gun!!! TUT TUT!!!! CC beware of this English Gentleman.lolx

Nettie B
5th February 2015, 18:28
All these clever tricks sound much better fun than the emotional blackmail that my mother used to resort to.

5th February 2015, 19:09
They work better in a organization, rumors etc grow and you hear them come back but vastly exaggerated. A whilst peoples brains are working on that you can implement far more important things.

Yes Nettie, my mother in law used to do that to my wife.

Love Terry

5th February 2015, 19:21
Obviously did no good Terry. - she still married you!!!!!!!!!!

5th February 2015, 19:42
Which wife are you talking about John, I have divorced three.

Love Terry

PS:- Just another three to go and then some peace and quite

5th February 2015, 20:38
Just for you Cc;


5th February 2015, 20:43
The daughter of the mother in law who used to resort to emotional blackmail!

5th February 2015, 20:53
Cc Save yourself from this Man, hes soooooo smoooooth!! Remember what your Mother used to tell you!! LOL x

6th February 2015, 01:11
I know, I know Zip, but I never listened !!!

Yes indeedy very smooth, one of my all time favorite songs too!! :) I always said he is one cool cat....what can I say Terry other then...it's a start....remember you broke heart once it's going to take a little more then a song....


6th February 2015, 04:19
Terry is a smooth operator! CC, you ought to think about it even if he broke your heart.

Think about this:



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