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2nd February 2015, 10:37
I have had a hospital bed for two nights now. A lot of trouble was taken by those that help me to secure loan of the bed and installation of the overhead hoist lift. For the previous month or so I slept in my recliner.

Neither of the two nights in the bed can be considered a roaring success due to my ALS (my type of MND). Today I have lower back ache which my recliner never gave me. There is also a lot of trapped wind.

I'm just wondering if anyone who cannot walk prefers their chair to their bed?

I suspect I should test on as not leaving my chair at night may impact negatively on my evening care.

Thank you Jock

2nd February 2015, 11:04
Hi Jock

I hope this may help as I have the same problems with hospital bed and ALS. I found the mattress locked me in one position and turning was difficult. I managed to find a profiling mattress which was not memory foam and this worked as I could just about move and change the position on my spine. I also sleep on a very firm ortho mattress and have found if I do not turn when sleeping my back aches. Unfortuanately my sleeping is disturbed by two hourly mega spasmns and full body cramps which are a b..... !
During the evening I use a riser/reclner but make sure I utilise the riser function to partially stand but it is important to get the weight on the feet.
Will revert with make of profiling mattress if you think this will help?

Look after yourself


2nd February 2015, 11:09
That's interesting because my Jim has woken a few mornings with a really bad back. Never thought it could be the hospital bed mattress. Will look at a profiling mattress if it carries on.

2nd February 2015, 11:18
Cheers Kelvin. First my sympathies regarding your two hourly mega spasms. No such issue here yet.

I will run your mattress ideas past my OT and Carers. I was on a Japanese futon for over 20 years before MND, so my knowledge of mattress speak is limited.

Your riser comment sounds most important as I tend to have my feet up all the time. It seems I'm doing myself a disservice taking the relaxing route. My legs do struggle taking any weight though so much so that I am hoisted everywhere now.


2nd February 2015, 11:21
I'm not in the room with hospital bed at the moment and anyway would not be capable of lifting the mattress but when my son returns later today I will find the name of mine and post on forum.

Take care


2nd February 2015, 11:26
When I was in Papworth recently I found the hospital bed narrow and not particult comfortable. Personally I will,try and use our bed as long as possible.

2nd February 2015, 11:39
[QUOTE=Trevorhb;42921Personally I will,try and use our bed as long as possible.[/QUOTE]

Absolutely Trevor. I got switched over as I could not sit up properly in my own bed. My hospital bed looks like a cot with two grab rails and head/foot board.

2nd February 2015, 12:05

I do understand the standing problems but when I use the Riser I am careful not to fully extend it to standing position but I can just about stand using it. Need plenty of bodies around me though!
On the subject of spasms I've had them since Nov 2011 and tried all the med's. I'm on Pregabalin and Quinine Sulphate which have helped, also have Morphine Sulphate as fall back !
Best luck with OT

2nd February 2015, 15:19
I have had a hospital bed for awhile now. The mattress that came with it far too hard. It might be ok for someone 17stone but my puny 9stone didn't even make a dent in it. I just swopped it for one of the normal single mattress I had on the spare bed.
One of the good things about a hospital bed is when I want to get onto bed I raise the whole bed that when I am sitting on the edge my feet just touch the floor.

2nd February 2015, 18:50
Jeans hospital bed had an air mattress. I do t know if this makes it any better. Jean could never
At flat because of back pain and also couldn't straighten her legs.

The only way she would be comfortable was to have back half up and knee area fully up but would still have a pillow under her lower leg as it didn't rise high enough. Also had a v pillow so she didn't roll side ways. Before her bed arrived she slept on her recliner and this have it the same sort of position
Alison x

2nd February 2015, 19:50
Mum had a profiling bed and air mattress and seems to have been in a similar position to Jean. However mum needed additional pillows in varying sizes and positions (including one around her neck) before she was remotely comfortable.

2nd February 2015, 20:11
Our NHS OT has provided me with a air filled mattress for my recliner, I have yet to try it. Has anyone else got one and what are they like?

Nettie B
2nd February 2015, 20:18
You'll know tomorrow Trevor as I'm hoping to get to the recliner WITH the mattress thingy before you get anywhere near it.
I know I'Ill have to be quick!!
We don't want any pressure sores.

XX the wife

2nd February 2015, 21:48
Laugh Out Loud Nettie B, over on channel 101 Terry and CC are slugging it out with a long distance romance......and here you are communicating with your Trev through the magic of the forum.....does it have anything to do with the full moon....it's gorgeous tonight.
I hope you get to the recliner with the mattress thingy first.....let us know who won!
much love

2nd February 2015, 22:14
Meanwhile back on the ranch!! Lol x

2nd February 2015, 22:48
Hi Debbie;

Me and Cc are finished, I just haven't got around to telling her yet.

Trevor, if the air thingy is call a "Repose" , then I have used one. It is quite thick, about three inches. They are quite comfortable but I've got my hands on a Jell cushion that is very good and is only an inch thick.

Social services got me a chair that has a semi jell honeycomb seat which is very good as well.

See how it goes, as any addition can slide when you are getting up and down.

love Terry

PS:- I use a recliner and a hospital bed, I think it's best to move around and have different pressure area's if you can.

2nd February 2015, 23:12
Yes I think that is its name and it does look very thick. The man who delivered it said cats can be a problem with their sharp claws on it. If it is the choice between my cat and the cover, no contest, I will choose the cat.

2nd February 2015, 23:18
Not sure if people will be happy about you sitting on your cat, even with the weight you've lost.

2nd February 2015, 23:34
Ha, ha, good night Terry.

2nd February 2015, 23:35
hi all,
you can get a repose overlay to fit a single mattress, i have tried soft mattresses, hard ones (oooh matron) and ones that fluctuate the pressure. i havent got on with any of them and have been sleeping in my chair with a repose on it for the last 4 months. the only problem is i'm now getting hip pain, i think its time up the morphine.

3rd February 2015, 04:47
Laugh Out Loud Nettie B, over on channel 101 Terry and CC are slugging it out with a long distance romance......and here you are communicating with your Trev through the magic of the forum.....does it have anything to do with the full moon....it's gorgeous tonight.
I hope you get to the recliner with the mattress thingy first.....let us know who won!
much love

Oh, my!!! This is off the hook!!

I hope they don't break up!

Yes, it's the full moon, Debbie. It does strange things

3rd February 2015, 23:58
My Mark has had his hospital bed for three weeks and hasn't had a good night's sleep since its arrival, too narrow, hard mattress etc.

He's still able to walk slightly but after the peg surgery and being skinny found turning while in the narrow bed almost impossible. Our OT suggested and secured a bariatric bed with a foam mattress which arrived yesterday and last night was his first more-or-less comfortable night's sleep in weeks.

13th February 2015, 18:18
My Carers tell me that as a result of not being able to move in bed I can build up considerable trapped wind. Now in my recliner I discharge clear Anal Mucus. I'm wondering if this all related and therefore indirectly due to MND?


13th February 2015, 19:02

It's tea time. I think it's all a part of not moving and trouble going a poo, etc. I'm normally OK, but sometimes, especially after a big dump, I have extreme wind problem with air going around my upper and lower bowl. (wrong spelling). I then have trouble going and quite often get a clear jell come out thinking it's wind. It's impossible for me to know the difference.

So I'm pretty sure it's not part of Mnd but can happen because of it affecting everything else.

This type of conversation always happens around meal time, Terry

13th February 2015, 19:16
Yuk Jock and Terry, what a subject. Lack of mobility I think is one cause.

13th February 2015, 19:40
'Clear Jell' is bang on Terry.

Cheers to both you gents.

14th February 2015, 12:18
Do you think it's all related to the release of mucus with mnd. It's been said so many times on here bout it whether it be from mouth, nose or bottom. The body seems to produce excess in mnd patients. My hubby nose drips like a,tap every time he eats and first thing in the morning.

14th February 2015, 12:42
I don't think so Zep;

It does not often happen to me only when I have extreme troubles with wind and not going. It might be a normal body reaction to lubricate things.

Love Terry

14th February 2015, 12:47
My big trouble is drooling. That is caused mainly because I very rarely swallow. We was told that you naturally produced up to 2 litres of saliva per day and swallow often, but do not think about it. As soon as your swallowing is effected, the problems start.

1st March 2015, 15:22
Hi all, I am new to the forum and have MND. I was diagnosed two years ago now. To date I have tried three different types of mattresses and each has been unfit for purpose! I wonder if anyone has tried a memory foam one and if so, how successful was it ?
Grateful thanks for any advice ...........

1st March 2015, 15:56
Hi Rojo and welcome to the forum;

I have had a memory foam mattress for four years on a profile (hospital type) bed. It has been OK but it is harder to turn in as the dip remains for a few minuets and my hips can hurt if I remain on my side for long periods. I still move from side to side and lay on my back during the night.

Probably a pocket sprung one with a thin foam top would be best but if you can't move much then you probably would be better having a special air moving mattress from the district nurse.

Regards Terry

1st March 2015, 16:54
Hi Rojo,
Welcome to the forum.
Have to agree with Mr Terry; it all depends on how much you can move in bed. I had a memory foam mattress when I could wriggle around and change my position but I graduated to an air mattress once I could no longer change position (I found the memory foam uncomfortable to be stuck in the one position)
Have you an OT who can give advice?
Take care,

2nd March 2015, 03:57
Hello Rojo,
Welcome to the forum!
I have the memory foam mattress and I love it. I get pain in my hip (sciatica) and it really helps. I do still turn myself over with it. I kind of enjoy the rut it makes I have flannel sheets and it is warm and cushy.


12th March 2015, 12:32
Thanxs for the very helpful advice folks, I think I'm going to have to settle for an air mattress as I can't move around that much anymore.
On a different note the advice and support from the forum is so helpful to me. God bless you all. X

12th March 2015, 13:31
My OT gave us an air mattress for my recliner as I am spending so much time in it.

13th March 2015, 11:32
Six weeks after starting this thread I can report I'm happy in my bed. Being wide awake in the recliner for 12 hours may help my need for sleep. Trapped air/gas in an issue each morning, but can bring laughs with my lady carers, If you have MND best lose any inhibitions fast. :)

14th March 2015, 15:01
I too get spasms in my legs at night and had this prior to formal diagnosis of MND. I got a foam wedge to raise my lower legs and had to sleep on my back.
I now have a riser recliner chair in the lounge and when I go out I take a large foam wedge and put it on any seat I sit on.
I now also have riser reclining bed and base has wooden brackets and the mattress is springs with top layer of memory foam. I did try a full memory foam mattress in a store but this really difficult to get off when on the side.
Luckily can still walk around a bit but have just bought a scooter to get about a bit easier especially on the next cruise holiday😜

21st March 2015, 14:46
I have a new bed ordered through the farleigh OT Its a 120/4' with a normal mattress managed to talk them into a wider bed as its easier to roll coz im so fat( 6'2" 90kgs lol ) Also I got a short fat incontinent persons chair for the living room from the ot although they say it can be "adjusted" I just need it to be taller narrower, the back needs to be more upright with the leg raiser out or a telly on the ceiling and finally I don't need it to be covered in rubber! I have tried to rule the sweaty crack thing out of my life i am not changing now!
That's it I've started moaning now, what's with Nearly 600 quid to fit hand controls to a car? When They lay on the floor hand controls look like i knocked them up from some garage scrap and if they couldn't be fitted in half a day i would be very surprised ? Also i went to the auctions to a Motability sale there were hand controls in some of the pictures but they were all taken out before the sale and dumped in a skip!!
Which i couldn't get into coz im a spaz lol.


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