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Nettie B
2nd February 2015, 19:48
Hi everyone.
Just wondered if anyone knows anything about the Cares' meetings held at Notcutts near Norwich .
Any information at all would be useful.
Thanks Nettie

2nd February 2015, 20:01
Don't know anything about that one Nettie;

Suffolk cares have meetings and events, we do not tend to go to them but it's well worth joining. They give her something like 200 that must be spent on things for her. She does struggle spending but another handbag, pair of shoes etc. is never really to much of a problem for her. There's other benefits too.

Love Terry

Nettie B
2nd February 2015, 20:24
I've just got involved with Norfolk Carers which is a charitable organisation which offers emotional support and other stuff ... + 100 for what they call "Life away from caring" or something like that. I have a form to fill in for that but can't think of anything yet. I'm not into Spa Days and suchlike.
I think the meetings I have heard of are run by the MNDA but I'm not sure.

XX Nettie

2nd February 2015, 20:43
Hi Nettie, I have contacted our local branch of Help for carers today. They are sending me some information and have invited me to the luncheon meeting next week, where we have a chat and a speaker. They sounded very helpful and supportive so this will be good hopefully. As I am feeling a little vulnerable and struggling at the moment with Jim's MND
I am just at a stage in this horrible journey where I feel unsure and insecure with how I should be dealing with things. Anyway sorry I don't wish to moan I just hope our Carers branch is as good as yours. X

2nd February 2015, 21:03
Yes, that is sensible, Spring - get some support around you! Peter doesn't seem to be struggling at the moment, but if I thought he was I would be researching local organisations. It is good if you only go and chat to someone else who cares for a partner. xx

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