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4th February 2015, 19:05
I wondered if anyone had heard of this wonderful fella. He is a fellow Scot, and was diagnosed with MND last year at the age of 29. He is truly an inspiration and has been campaigning for better conditions, more funding and research and more benefits for people with MND with a great deal of success so far, having raised over 250,000. He also has a column called the Motor Neuron Diaries in the Sunday Times. It must be excruciatingly hard for him, but his spirit is so infectious and he is such a wonderfully positive person, I thought he was worth a mention. Anyway, here is an interview with him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plIq3m-11ic

He always manages to perk me up when I'm feeling down about my dad's diagnosis xx

4th February 2015, 19:09
Thanks for sharing that Goldilocks - ill look him up. I download the Sunday Times but have missed his column.

4th February 2015, 19:18
My pleasure Bilando. I think the column has been running for 2 weeks. I know that recently he managed to double the number of MND specific nurses available in Scotland and he is in a lot of government talks about other things UK-Wide so the campaigning he is doing is invaluable.

4th February 2015, 19:33
Have a look at my new thread re Assistive Technology as Hull is served , sorry not served, by Barnsley.

4th February 2015, 19:51
Thanks Bilando, I will do. I live in Hull but my dad is in Glasgow so I'm not sure if that's covered but will take a look x

4th February 2015, 20:14
Thanks for sharing this Goldi have shared it on facebook. X

4th February 2015, 20:28
Thanks Springtime! That's great. There is also a longer radio interview with Gordon on YouTube.

4th February 2015, 20:54
He's doing weekly updates on LBC radio usually on a friday at 7pm. He's an inspirational young man.

4th February 2015, 21:18
Ah, I didn't know his updates were weekly Durwood. The last interview I listened to was about 6 months ago. How is he doing now?

4th February 2015, 21:25
He's doing weekly updates on LBC radio usually on a friday at 7pm. He's an inspirational young man.

Hi all,

Gordon provides a weekly audio diary for LBC. He's three weeks in and you can listen again:

Week one (http://www.lbc.co.uk/dying-fast-gordons-diary-16th-january-2015-103322)

Week two (http://www.lbc.co.uk/dying-fast-gordons-diary---23rd-january-2015-103744)

Week three (http://www.lbc.co.uk/dying-fast-gordons-diary-ive-got-a-big-decision-to-make-104145)

He was previously a researcher for the Better Together campaign and is politically very astute, hence why he is making quite a lot of progress with his campaign north of the border.

He posts regularly updates on Twitter: www.twitter.com/gordonaikman

Best wishes,


4th February 2015, 21:30
Thanks for the information Andrew.

4th February 2015, 21:31
Thanks Andrew, I have just listened to his diary entries. Difficult listening. I am actually quite offended by the title of his feature 'Dying Fast'. I think this is unnecessary. Anyone who is aware of MND knows of its nature so I have emailed to station to ask if this could be changed. After all, the feature is about Gordon's life. We don't need a reminder of his imminent death, it's just inappropriate!

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