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4th February 2015, 18:31
As a plwMND I am very positive about the NHS health care I have received from the MND team at James Cook hospital as I am about help provided by St Catherines hospice. However on the day the APPG report was released my speech therapists referral of me to Barnsley Assistive Technology centre was rejected. This new NHS hub set up to provide assessments and advice re AAC and advance wheelchair controls for everyone in Yorkshire tells me that I may have to wait upto 2 years for an assessment. I met with my MP last week to discuss this problem as it affects far more than those of us in the Mnd club.

Please email or write to your MP'S and prospective parliamentary candidates about the Condemned to Silence report and the Voice campaign. My MP was aware that David Cameron stated in the House his support for plwMND. Help to do this is on the MND website. Keep fighting - don't let the system grind you down ! Ian

4th February 2015, 18:47
Hi Ian;

Sounds very unfair, I guess you've contact the Mnda about this as they might be able to reduce the waiting time.

Regards Terry

4th February 2015, 19:08
I have emailed all candidates in our Ward (except Cons. obv) :D

I have had a positive response and the Lab candidate signed the MND charter.

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