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7th February 2015, 13:49
Dear Forumites:

I need some advice from those of you experienced in PIP and Mobility claims/payments. My query is as follows:

I still walk with a cane and can talk unassisted at this point in time. I applied for PIP. On the basis of my current condition I was awarded the Standard Daily Living Allowance but my points fell short for being granted the Mobility Payment portion.

So I have 2 questions;
1. Should I leave it and wait until I deteriorate to then re-apply for the Mobility?
2. I understand the Blue Badge will only be awarded if one has Mobility payment. Is this correct?

I can still drive and walk with a cane but am worsening and cannot walk far (but more than 50 yards). It feels like a Catch 22 wherein the PIP/Mobility is predicated on 'static' disabilities and does not accommodate the progressive conditions such as MND.

Any sage advice and hard won experience will be welcome.



7th February 2015, 14:05
Hi Charles
I applied for a blue badge just giving them the fact that I had MND. Whether they checked with my doctors I do not know, but I got one with no questions asked. Hope that helps.

7th February 2015, 14:12
Hi Charles;

There are quite a few information sheets on the subject on the main web site. Mnda will be able to advise you as well.

Firstly, always put your worse day on any form not your best, i could probably walk 50 yards with a walker but it would take half an hour.

Secondly, try to get a wheelchair from your OT and wheelchair service as if you use one in doors you can get a council tax reduction.

If you refer yourself or doctor does it, once you have made contact they will help with forms etc. They carry more weight.

Try to find what makes points before reapplying, maybe an mnd association visitor would help also.

I'm afraid my things were sorted a long time ago and I have forgotten most of it.

No harm in applying for a badge as Trevor said.

Regards Terry

7th February 2015, 14:39
Trevor and Terry (The Two Ts):

Thanks to you both for your comments.


7th February 2015, 16:03
Hello Charles,
My own experience of this was in December of last year when the DWP wrote to say that I would need to apply for PIP as my DLA which included the mobility allowance was to end. Rather than filling forms I rang their office and although my voice is weak and slow they were very understanding. I answered a series of questions and within 3 days I received a letter confirming all allowances had been approved under PIP.

Like Terry states, tell them your situation on your worst day. Comments such as struggling to bathe, poor dexterity, breathlessness and limited mobility. It may have been easier for me, given that the initial DLA award was in place, but I suggest you ring them. Good luck.


7th February 2015, 16:37
I got a DS1500 form signed by my neurologist and it opened all the doors, eg attendance allowance and blue badge. But I am over 65, perhaps that makes a difference. Joycie x

7th February 2015, 16:40

Thanks for this. Its very helpful. I have a neuro appointment coming up One more question: Where can I source/access the DS1500 form?

7th February 2015, 17:50
We too went via the DS1500 form - signed by our neurologist stating she wouldn't be surprised if Mark died within the next six months, we then had the welfare benefit officer at our local hospice complete the PIP/Mobility form and had it awarded within two weeks.

GP's can issue the DS1500 form, but quickest route would be via your consultant or MND nurse.

Good luck.

7th February 2015, 18:27
Hi Charles

Roberts dr was very good and issued a DS 1500 our PIP came through within a couple of weeks and was backdated. Through this we now have a mobility car. We applied for a blue badge as soon as Robert became unsteady it came through very quickly. I think I did it over the phone.


7th February 2015, 18:36
our neurologist offered to sign the DS1500. When we had it, we sent it off to DWP and they sent attendance allowance confirmation. This was showed to the Disabled Blue badge staff at the Council and we got it the same day. We didn't involve our GP at all. Joycie

8th February 2015, 11:52

Thanks so much for your various responses. Very helpful. Clearly a 'cooperative' neuro is the best way to go. I shall discuss with him when I see him next. All responses much appreciated.



9th February 2015, 18:39
It's also worth noting those of us in London on higher rate PIP qualify for a "freedom pass' which allows free travel on buses, trains and tube.

Sadly, no companion pass is available.

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