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12th February 2015, 07:06
Dear All

I am still have another week to wait until I have my visit from the Occupational Therapist. I need advice regarding sitting up in bed. I now have a lower bed which enables me to somehow lift my legs on to the bed but I finish up in a lying position and then cannot push myself up to a sitting position.

Any suggestions would be very welcome.

Love to you all out there!

PS. As an aside - How do you put a picture next to your name on this site - pathetic I know!!

12th February 2015, 10:10
Hi Anna;

Probably the only way is to get help, either physical or mechanical. You can buy beds that do that or probably the OT will order you a Profiling bed that's similar to one in a hospital. this will make everything easier as it moves in many ways.

Regards Terry

12th February 2015, 10:23
Hi Anna again;

Click on Settings at the top of the page then down the left side there is edit picture and edit avatar, which is probably the one you want. Then you have to import a photo or image from somewhere. It might need making smaller but the site has developed since I done it so may be OK.

Have a play and if you still have problems after a few days, PM me.


12th February 2015, 10:24
No idea on sitting up. I suspect without a mechanical or human aid it can't be done. Picture. Settings at top above. Edit avatar on left in next screen. Then you need to upload.


12th February 2015, 11:15
Our NHS OT supplied me with a handle which fixes on to the side of any bed. I could not manage without it. Have a word with your OT.

12th February 2015, 11:25
That is very useful Trevor because I have trouble manoeuvring around the bed and reaching down to work the controls on the BIPAP I will ask my OT on her next visit. Hope you and Nettie are OK today Love Joycie xc

12th February 2015, 12:40
I had one of the handles Trevor described and it was a big help. It was useful to grab onto to pull up to sitting, for steadying while getting into bed and when people where helping me with dressing (I sometimes felt like I was falling backwards). The other positive is it is a relatively inexpensive piece of kit so should be supplied without much resistence.

You do need some strength left, I couldn't use one now. I have a hospital bed now.

I have been meaning to sort my pic for a while.

12th February 2015, 14:52
I have a hospital bed. When the back is up after a while I slide down and have to get back into position. Call my wife, she gets me to stand up, shuffle along and then sit down. That's the only way I can do it.

12th February 2015, 14:59
To all of you out there ....... I knew you wouldn't let me down!! The various suggestions will come in very handy with the OT next week. Thank you so much.

I've even got my 'Avatar' (!!!!) sorted.

Love to you all out there

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