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14th February 2015, 00:42
Hi everyone,
Good evening x

My dad has trouble keeping his mouth closed, it's always falling open especially at night, we hold it closes for him but it doesn't take long before it pings open. It really frustrates dad as he can't do anything about it.
Does anyone else have this,? Any advice?
Many thanks xx

14th February 2015, 01:11
unfortunately its quite common in MND, the muscles just get to weak to support the jaw. You can buy chin straps that holds the jaw closed or i used one of my wifes big elastic hair bands, not sure what there called but my wife used it to keep her hair out of her face when she was getting glammed up. It really worked well, just pop under the chin then up over the head and bingo.

14th February 2015, 09:16
Thanks mik! Will raid my beauty draw :). It must be very annoying. Do you sleep in it as well?

14th February 2015, 11:37
Hi Molly;

One lady used to tape her mouth with a small piece and leaving a tag that she could easily pull it off. I guess that she had good hand movement for that part. Terry

14th February 2015, 23:42
hi molly,
you probley could use it overnight as long as your dad can breathe through his nose alright. I did because i was on bipap with a nasal mask.

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