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15th February 2015, 10:42
Well, today is the day! We are off to Murrayfield for the Wales v Scotland match. To get in the seats required a climb of 40 steps and there is no way I can do that. So we are packing the wheelchair and I am in it for the match! So this is the first day of being officially disabled. I wonder how that will go!! Now where did I put my Wales scarf

dim ond yn gadael i Murrayfield Dewch ar cymru!

Joycie x

15th February 2015, 11:42
Well, today is the day! We are off to Murrayfield for the Wales v Scotland match. To get in the seats required a climb of 40 steps and there is no way I can do that. So we are packing the wheelchair and I am in it for the match! So this is the first day of being officially disabled. I wonder how that will go!! Now where did I put my Wales scarf

dim ond yn gadael i Murrayfield Dewch ar cymru!

Joycie x
Hi Joycie ,
Enjoy your day, being in a wheelchair won't detract from the game, but it may help as you have a safe place to sit should the despair become to much, the wife's also a Welsh person so I know how passion becomes involved in the game,her father now deceased loved the game and always supported his team whatever the result.

15th February 2015, 11:43
Have a great time, but may glory be for Scotland ;)

15th February 2015, 11:54
Have a good time Joycie;

Quite often the disabled areas are quite good viewing ares.

Love terry

15th February 2015, 12:49
Hi Joycie,
It’s definitely a difficult step but it’s safer for the day, especially in crowds.
When Wales win, you can jump with joy! Enjoy your day.
Love Ellie.

15th February 2015, 13:40
Disabled seats are often the best. Enjoy the piece of mind of not having to worry about falls etc.

15th February 2015, 13:46
Have a great time, I hope your wheelchair is more comfortable than mine.

15th February 2015, 13:59
I'm looking forward to my wheelchair, it's to be a powered chair and it will mean I can get out for 'walks' with husband and friends. My house is on a slope and I have difficulty managing the drive and the steps into the front door, I have a collapsible one but hernias and heart attacks come to mind for the poor devils who try to push me up the hill and then the drive! I was measured up for it by a lovely young girl, at one point I wondered if it was for a coffin, no, she said, just to make sure we get the right size for you and interior doors. Thank goodness for the NHS, where would we all be without it?

15th February 2015, 14:05

Enjoy the game. Please let us know how the chair access works. I am keen to attend a few matches. I might even have a few RWC tickets so am keen to know how the disability bit works. I suppose I should phone the Rugby Union but would welcome your comments on the experience. My parents were both from Dundee so for today my blood runs blue not red. However I grew up in Cape Town so for the RWC my blood runs Springbok green. However you Welshies have a great rugby history. As a young student I had the priviledge of watching the mighty 1974 Lions thrash the Springboks. One of my closest friends in cape Town is Ian McCullum who was the Springbok full-back in that test series. When we ask him "who was the greatest player you ever played against?" his answer is always the same: "The mercurial Phil Bennett". Enjoy.


15th February 2015, 14:57
Have fun Joycie!

Enjoy your day, and the game, and enjoy the ride on your new wheels. Think of it as being the Queen you'll get the best seats in the house! :)


15th February 2015, 15:12
Have a great time Joycie and may the best team win. I will be watching from the comfort of my armchair but I envy you with the atmosphere you get in the stadium.
Much love

15th February 2015, 22:21
We have just arrived home and what a fantastic day it has been! Chauffeur driven in a really lovely cream Mercedes, driven right through Edinburgh so that Pippa could have a look and see what the city has to offer! We had a disabled car park pass, free of charge, parked right outside West stand so it wasn't far in the wheelchair to get to the lift to send us up two floors. Dedicated space for a wheelchair and a seat alongside for Pippa and a seat just behind for Peter. We had a super view of the play, At half time a lovely young man came to take orders for drinks and food, which was totally unexpected. The rugby was phenomenal. It was a closely fought match but the best team won! I cried through all the anthems because the atmosphere was too beautiful and emotive and I waved my Welsh scarf at every opportunity. In short, it was a lovely day, one of the best days I can ever remember in my entire life. So thank you, Colin Morgan, Customer Services at Murrayfield. You made all my dreams come true! x

15th February 2015, 22:42
and the wheelchair, which has been folded up in the garage for four months, was just ace! - and yes CC, I did feel like a Queen all day!

Note to me:

How the heck am I going to top this for utter and sheer enjoyment? Will have to start planning another adventure! x

Love to all

Joycie xx

15th February 2015, 23:17
So glad you had a brilliant day.maybe Mnda can stand for Make New Dreams and Adventures!we certainly did for rob.thanks to his wonderful niece and husband they arranged for rob to go in a flight simulator.my neighbour took him up in his helicopter the year before we knew he was ill and rob flew over our house!he was hooked from that day and built his own little sim in our cellar and he our son would disappear down there for hours flying planes lol.i watched video of him a couple of days ago in the proper sim and it was very hard to watch as he couldn't really do much.he was even given an old captains chair and hat from a plane.the hat hangs in the hall and the chair in the cellar.good reminders of happy and sad days.our son has the copilots chair and hat and is very proud of them.as everyone on this journey knows when faced with the dire diagnosis I think more things are crammed in our lives that we wouldn't even have contemplated before.what other dreams do people have or wish to do?love as always.caroline xxx

16th February 2015, 11:42
what a marvellous day for you Joyce, so pleased you had a good time x

16th February 2015, 12:16
Nice to hear that you had a good time Joycie;

Very close game and I think the luck was with you on that day.


16th February 2015, 12:38
Terry and Jan, luck was definitely with us - it was a close call at times. I cant speak, as you know, but I seem to have made an almighty racket, nevertheless! It was a fantastic day - the stuff dreams are made of! Joycie x

16th February 2015, 13:03
So pleased you had a great day out Joycie and to share with family makes it special. I followed the camera whilst watching, hoping for a glimpse of you with a big smile on your face but it seems the BBC doesn't recognise a celebrity like you.
One of the best matches of the tournament so far and even though Wales had the largest share of the ball, Scotland are hugely improved this season.
Barry xx

16th February 2015, 13:07
Hi Joycie ,

I am so glad it all went well for you, and the result was what you wanted, it's always good to read of the day's going well for us ,may there be many more .


16th February 2015, 14:00
Hi Joycie
You deserved a great day out, surprised not to see you taken to the pitch to help
Dave xx

16th February 2015, 15:33
Has anyone got one of the Neuro Wheelchairs as in the latest issue of Thumb Print?

17th February 2015, 02:17
Hello Joycie,
Great to hear that you are making the best of life and that you are having fun despite the obstacles that MND throws our way. Last month i too, took advantage of "the take a break fund' and took my good samaritan to see "Les Miserables" play. Last weekend the Giants were touring Perth and my friend pushed me in the walker to help me across a busy road. For those of you who are not too heavy and are planning to acquire a rollator, check out the Airgo Duo rollator. I have only used it 3times in 2 month but it is great as a wheelchair, stable as a walker. Very satisfied with my gadget.
i wish you many many more great moments.
Best wishes x

17th February 2015, 11:15
Has anyone got one of the Neuro Wheelchairs as in the latest issue of Thumb Print?

I'm not sure if my Invacare TDX SP qualifies as a Neuro Wheelchair Trevor. First lesson tomorrow.

17th February 2015, 17:52
Just a word of warning my walker/rollator is a standard model. A couple of years ago hubby pushed me one day on holiday as I couldn't walk any further. What a sight we made as I went over backwards, Graham hanging on to the walker so I fell slowly, then he landed on top of me! Thank goodness I was wearing shorts!!! We escaped with no injuries thankfully just a lot of laughing.

So if you do take a ride on your walker .... be very careful.


17th February 2015, 18:04
This is the the B400 Neuro Wheelchair Jock specially designed with the help of the MNDA for people with mnd. It costs over 2000 to buy just the standard model, I think I will order 2. Ha,ha.

18th February 2015, 13:55
I got mind on loan Trevor...is that not an option open to you?

My Invacare TDX SP fetches 5K at places.

16th March 2015, 16:06
We have had a different wheelchair delivered, this one has a reclining back. It seems our house is suitable for a powered chair if we do a few modifications.

16th March 2015, 18:15
Good to hear you can get around your house in it Trevor;

I found the reclining bit very handy when my back was very bad, as I slept in it. If you get any modifications done to it ask them to keep it as narrow as possible as everything they done on mine made it wider and I got it changed.

Try to get out in it, love Terry

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