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17th February 2015, 11:19
These last few days, my saliva production has worsened and I seem to be drooling more than usual, This has caused dry patches of skin under my mouth on both sides. I have put some Germolene on for now but I don't want to be running to the doctors the minute we get back into Lincoln. Has anyone got any ideas what I can get from the chemist or do I need a prescription? Love Joycie xx

17th February 2015, 11:32
Hi Joycie;

Just some idea's, I know sudo cream was really good for the babies bottom rashes and I would have thought that a good barrier cream would be good. Vasaline or perhaps a good moisturizer.

Love Terry

17th February 2015, 11:40
What about a barrier cream? Boots nappy rash cream, Sudocreme or, on prescription, Cavilon.

17th February 2015, 11:42
Are you taking any medication for the drooling Joyce because that will dry your mouth, I am also getting cracked lips and find the best thing to do in smear them with Vaseline, that was the advice I got from the hospice.

17th February 2015, 11:51
Thanks, guys and gals, I knew you would come back quickly! I think it was perhaps the combination of the drooling and the cold wind outside when we were waiting to get in to the stand at Murrayfield. Trevor, I am taking Kwells tablets now and just monitoring it really.
Sheffield are on the case, as are the hospice but I didn't want patches as they are not flexible enough and I didn't fancy the potential side effects described on the packet. What I dislike more than anything is waking up in the night with a dry mouth - don't like that at all! The joys of bulbar onset MND, eh? Much love Joycie xx

18th February 2015, 10:19
My dry mouth at night seems to have gone but I used to use a spray called glandosane. Shea butter is good for dry patches on your skin.

18th February 2015, 10:43
thanks all. Will have a go! My skin is normally as soft as a baby's bottom so I might just take up Terry's recommendation! Love Joycie x

12th June 2017, 02:49
Baking Soda: Using a paste made of baking soda and mineral water to coat the sore, or using a baking soda mouth wash can cure patches under my mouth And white blister in mouth (http://yourlifebalancing.com/white-blister-in-mouth/).

12th June 2017, 11:43
I used to get a bit of soreness at the sides of my mouth but it stopped when I started putting Vaseline on. Now I put it on my lips as well as that stops them drying out.

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