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18th February 2015, 11:15
For the last few weeks I have been saying I want to die on my birthday. Well last night it was supposed to happen.
Early this morning (my birthday) I was having a dream. Then the dream suddenly stopped and my body was going up away from my bed. I stayed there for a second then something pulled me back down to my bed quite hard. Then I carried on with my dream.
I have heard of these "out of body experiences" before but I never believed them. I really thought it was nonsense.

Here is why I think they happen. God wants to stop your suffering so he tries to take you but the Devil is stronger and pulls you back down so you can suffer some more.

18th February 2015, 12:09
Hi David ,

Just to wish you a happy ?Birthday, I know your wishes havnt been granted, but as I beleive in neither of the two you say you beleive were fighting for your soul In my lifetime the evil has always been from human beings and continues today ,almost everywhere on this planet there is only one life form that has no respect for others. I really do hope you do manage to have a good day .


18th February 2015, 12:17
David, May the Angels be with you to take you on a peaceful and revealing journey. Hugs xx

18th February 2015, 12:26
David, you have good friends on this forum. We are always here for you Love Joycie.xx

18th February 2015, 12:47
Happy Birthday David :)

18th February 2015, 13:09

I'm with Pete. the only evil is here. Our next stop will be pure love, and joy with the Angels waiting to take our spirits home, and our loved ones are waiting to see us again :)

In the meantime, until that time have a wonderful Birthday :)



18th February 2015, 13:44
Happy birthday David, so glad you are still with us x

18th February 2015, 13:51
Thank you very much. You all mean so much to me.

18th February 2015, 16:12
Respect David;

18th February 2015, 17:37
Happy Birthday David, I second and third all that has been said above and can only say I am thinking of you and sending you the only thing I can, silly as it is....
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDebbiexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx OOOOO

18th February 2015, 18:12
Happy Birthday David I have my husbands birthday next week and have planned a few surprises while he can enjoy them hopefully as we never know if he be here for the next one!!!

Life is such a bitch !!!! X

18th February 2015, 20:12
Glad you are able to share this with us.

19th February 2015, 02:32
Happy Birthday. Glad you're still with us.


Nettie B
19th February 2015, 09:43
Such a dignified posting from a very brave man. Heartfelt wishes for peace to you and your family David XX

19th February 2015, 23:57
Happy Birthday David. I hope your dream was enjoyable. Becky x

20th February 2015, 10:15
Hi David.

Belated happy birthday

May all your dreams be good ones and may they come true.


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