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22nd February 2015, 13:25
For the last few weeks I have been getting phlem or mucus in my throat. No strength to cough it up. I have a suction machine but I can't put it far enough down my throat to get at it.
Some mentioned on the forum to try Pineapple juice. Well I haven't drank anything since last May when I had my tube so I was a bit apprehensive. I managed to drink some and it worked. Great I thought.
A few days ago same thing so started drinking the juice, went the wrong way bad choking experiance. Never again
This morning had so much in my throat it was difficult to breath even wearing my mask. In the end I had to try the juice, boy was I scared. Managed to drink some and it cleared my throat. But it's back again so I will have to think about a cough assist machine.
Oh it's a hard life😁

22nd February 2015, 13:30
David, what does the cough assist machine do and how does it work?. One of these has been mentioned to Jim.in the past but I don't know anything about them.

22nd February 2015, 13:31
Life is so hard David;

I do have a little trouble in that area but do get the strength to cough. Pineapple juice would be good for breaking it down but I find it hard to drink all juices apart from tomato and very sweet one's as my tastes have changed.

Good luck with the new machine when you get it, love Terry

22nd February 2015, 14:26
In lay mans terms. It blows air into your lungs at a certain rate but sucks it out at a much higher rate.
My SALT is of this week but I will see what info I can get and whether one would be suitable for me.

22nd February 2015, 14:36
I think my hospice has mentioned pineapple juice for freshening the mouth, mine tastes foul now I am being peg fed. I do use small sponges on sticks dipped in diluted mouthwash, another hospice idea.

22nd February 2015, 15:28
Trevor. I have feeding tube now as you know but not using it for feed. My mouth has been foul now for a couple of days. Constantly cleaning teeth, trying to use mouthwash but it is difficult to gargle. I think I might just get some pineapple juice and try that cos I can still drink. Don't know quite what has caused it. - come out the blue. I was just saying to Peter what a lousy disease this is! Knocks you off your feet, prevents you eating and drinking normally, robs you of your voice, makes your breath foul .......! What a strange disease it is! Love Joycie

22nd February 2015, 23:29
I have a cough assist machine - it took a bit of getting used to but you can start off low and build up the force at your own speed. It works particularly if you can cough when using it. I am lucky I haven't needed to use it much but glad I have it.

I am going to give the pineapple juice a try, just wish I liked pineapple!


23rd February 2015, 09:27
Are you using a straw to drink with David? Along with sitting up that may help prevent the bad choking experiences.

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