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22nd February 2015, 19:44
I have florid dreams since my MND status. It could well be stimulated by the medication. However an interesting (and distressing) phenomenon is that I often dream of myself walking, running, swimming. I even had a dream of late of cycling. Its a wonderful feeling but all shatters when I awake and can hardly get out of bed and hobble to the bathroom with a cane. In my dreams I never have MND. It is as if my unconscious mind is holding onto the days when mobility was free and pleasureable. I have never dreamt of myself hobbling with a stick. Makes me wonder about the purpose of dreams.

Sweet Dreams


22nd February 2015, 19:50
I think mnd heightens emotions and like you I dream a lot. My nights are very restless and I wake often, when I do drop off I sleep deeply and that is when I dream.

22nd February 2015, 20:21
Mmmm well I wonder if these bizarre dreams affect Carers. I dreamed last night that we were in a restaurant and I need to go to the toilet which was the other side of the restaurant. As I got up my knickers and trousers fell down and I had to waddle past everyone With them round my ankles showing all my bits!!!!! NOT a pretty sight may I quickly add. Woke up in a real sweat. X

22nd February 2015, 21:04
Spring thank you for the image! I am too tired to dream unless this is the dream

22nd February 2015, 21:31
Just thought I'd share Dave lol. Now go and try and get some sleep. Hugs to you both. X

22nd February 2015, 22:14
Spring are you sure it was sweat.
The thing I have noticed when I lay in bed awake but with my eyes shut its like I am watching a TV program on the inside of my eyelids. When I open my eyes I see the walls of the bedroom, close my eyes again and I am back watching the program. Wierd.

22nd February 2015, 22:23
David ...programme or dream (nightmare) as long as it wasn't real I can cope! Lol x

23rd February 2015, 03:21
This is weird. Since you all are talking about dreaming I'll share this. I went to the lung doctor who did the breathing tests to see what my lung function and strength was. I'm at 50%. He asked me if I slept well and felt rested when I wake up. I told him I slept like a log and didn't dream and woke up several times at night and did not feel rested after a full night's "sleep". (I can't remember when I stopped dreaming) He said I slept so soundly and didn't dream because I wasn't getting the proper oxygen and suggested the bi-pap machine. I try to use it all night and during the day when I nap. I have gotten over the mask challenges with it.
I do dream occasionally now (or maybe remember occasionally). I still wake up several times a night and I feel a bit more rested when I wake but not really refreshed. Honestly, I feel as tired when I wake as I did when I went to bed. I just though this was typical for MND.

When you sleep, do you feel rested when you wake up or still tired?


23rd February 2015, 09:23
Charles - I don't seem to dream of MND or it's affects upon me. Freud saw dreams as manifestations of our deepest desires and anxieties I am wondering if coming to grips with MND is a source of anxiety for you with walking, running and swimming all representing desires?

23rd February 2015, 09:43
Lynne. I haven't had a decent nights sleep for weeks. With or without the mask! It could be an MND thing Joycie x

23rd February 2015, 11:33
Charles - I don't seem to dream of MND or it's affects upon me. Freud saw dreams as manifestations of our deepest desires and anxieties I am wondering if coming to grips with MND is a source of anxiety for you with walking, running and swimming all representing desires?

Dear Dreamers:

Jock missed his calling in life: He would have made a decent psychoanalyst. You are right Jock. Its my unconscious desire not to have this disease. Actually we do not dream when we sleep deeply. There is a sleep cycle that moves in and out of deep sleep every 45 minutes. As the cycle comes out of the deep phase we enter a lighter phase called REM (reticular eye movement) sleep. It is during this phase that we dream.
I too wake after 10 hours sleep feeling exhausted. I am having my breathing re-assessed next week. It could be we wake exhausted because of oxygen depletion in the night. Or medication effects. My guess is we are not replenishing our muscles with oxygen. My tiredness feels physical not mental. My guess is it is all to do with oxygen depletion.
Of course Jock aside from my running, walking dreams I have some pretty erotic ones but I will save those for my psychoanalyst.


23rd February 2015, 15:50
Lynne, My hubby sleeps like a log from 10pm until 10am just getting up occasionally for a visit to the toilet, but within half an hour of him waking he is asleep again and then nods of for most of the day. As you know Jim won't use the Bipap machine, we have been told if he did use the machine, he would wake up feeling more refreshed. However the flip side of that is that he doesn't have the discomfort of the mask and most importantly he is happy and contented. Which I fear in his case if he was trying to get used to the mask he wouldn't be. Many people have remarked to me, that it is sad he sleeps so much, and at first I thought the same, but now as time moves on I think contentment is more important.

24th February 2015, 05:01
Very interesting. I think, for me, sleeping is a relief... To not think about MND for several hours. Spring: yes, contentment is most important. That is good to sleep more I think.

I also watch a fair bit of telly. Well, a few hours anyway. It's like a mental vacation. I like getting lost in a movie or show.

I watched "The Chronicles of Narnia; The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe" I cried all the way through it! Tilda Swinton is wonderful as the witch!

Joycie, Is it an MND thing? Trouble sleeping? Anyone else?

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))) )))


24th February 2015, 10:47
I never have a good night these days, if I sleep for two hours at a time I m doing well. My problem is my head drop and getting comfortable, often waiting with a terrible neck ache. Always please to welcome the morning.

24th February 2015, 15:04
I don't dream much, and always wake two or three times a night, have to say though that the BiPap is definately helping remove the grogginess I feel in a morning, some nights I manage to keep it one barely 2 hours but last night managed almost 6. In my dreams/head I can still run a marathon, then reality kicks in hard

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