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28th February 2015, 12:36
Had two Marie Curie nurses here yesterday. The head nurse left after a while but one stayed for four hours so my wife could go shopping without worrying about me. This is going to be a regular thing.
On Wednesday a few Marie Curie nurses are coming to my house with the respiratory nurse to show them how the BiPap works.

28th February 2015, 12:43
That is good news, David - takes the pressure off, doesn't it? We are up to 280 now and once I get lap top back today, I will change photograph. Love. Joycie xx.

28th February 2015, 13:40
Dave I am thrilled you are getting some more back up, you and your wife should have had this before now, but better late than never. X

28th February 2015, 14:54
Our Marie Curie nurses are so caring, they also do respite and night care! I always thought they only did cancer but they are a palliative care charity! Without them I have no idea what would have become of us! They make Sharyn laugh in her special way!

7th March 2015, 23:11
Hi Dave

My dad is currently in hospital using NIV but it isn't going so well at the minute but dad is trying so can't ask for more, if things don't work out with the NIV then I think we will soon have Marie curie nurses to, just not sure at what point they will start to come in, is it arranged by the hospital for them to come to dads home ?

Jennie x

7th March 2015, 23:21
Jennie the Macmillan care local unit did everything from organising the chc with the surgery! They can fast track when necessary
Email me if more info needed on chc
There is an mnda info sheet 22d that explains chc
Dave x

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