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1st March 2015, 21:39
Hi all

Just checking in on the 2nd anniversary of Bob's death .

We have had a family day today. My daughter and I, now on our own, realised these days are never going to be what they used to be without him, but the family members who expect this of us seem appeased.

Life goes on, it is different and certainly not as good but somehow we do survive. My way of coping is to keep checking in on the forum, and to join the local branch of the MND Association as a volunteer and fundraiser. I don't feel like a particularly active member of either at the moment, but I know that my support will be of some use to others and that when I was in my great time of need, I found comfort in the support of others. My daughter has recently joined our local branch as the Publicity Officer and I feel that she will be a great asset.

I will never forget the lovely people I have met on this forum. I hope you are all as well as can be expected and that you are coping as well as possible. We have been brought together by such an awful disease but please remember you are not alone.
You are in my thoughts.


1st March 2015, 21:57
Hi Chrissie;

Can't believe it's been two years and I hope you've had a OK day. So pleased that you are able to be a volunteer etc, and that your daughter has also taken up a position.

Love and Huggs, Terry

1st March 2015, 23:26
Lovely to hear from you Chrissy, you have helped me in so many ways thank you xxx

2nd March 2015, 10:53
Good to hear from you.

2nd March 2015, 16:13
Hi chrisssy 2 years in February when I lost my hubby rob and it doesn't seem possible does it? We went through a lot together didn't we and supported each other.i will never forget all the kindness and understanding the forum gave us both which is why I still pop in and help if I can but also update what's going on in my life to show life can go on but also we can still support each other even though we are no longer carers.my eldest had a baby girl last Thursday so I am no officially nanny caroline and it has made be more determined to get fitter(already 3stone9 down) and get treatment at the hospital for my psoriasis which is so bad it's even on my hands.obviously all the stress caused it but I need to tackle it.still on my own but after 30 years with rob reckon I'm too darned picky now.if anyone asked me out I think I'd run a mile lol.right now I am discovering who I am and what I want to do and still just take it a day at a time.hope life is treating you kindly.love as always.caroline xxx

2nd March 2015, 16:38

Dave,so nice of you to say that, not sure what I've done for you really, although we have had a few chats on Facebook. Hope Sharyn is not doing too badly x

Caroline, how lovely to hear from you, wow a nanny, eh, they do keep you busy and very well done on your weight loss. I share your view of being too picky, I knew Bob for about 30 years also, shall we run that mile together and raise some money haha.

I need to look in more often, I have missed the forum, just wasn't sure what I had to offer any more so I just post about my fundraising, desperate to do more but don't like asking people for money. My next quest is to train to be an associate visitor but I need to toughen up a little first, the last thing our warriors need is their AV sobbing with them, I will do this though.
Something about being touched by MND means not letting go, or is that just me.

Hi Miranda

Lots of love to you all


2nd March 2015, 19:18
Hi Brave Mama Bear :)

Good to hear from you. Don’t under value your worth you have plenty to offer here, there, and everywhere.

Keep on cracker lackin :)

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