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2nd March 2015, 23:44
Just watched them "singing" for MND. Wouldn't it be wonderful if this was another fast moving fundraiser? See MNDA Facebook page if you haven't already. Brilliant!

8th March 2015, 18:21
Sorry for not replying but as I didn't see them or know what they sung about, it's hard to comment.

I do agree that a Mnd worded song, sang at full volume by a rugby team might work.

If you could provide a link to the event, etc it would make it easier for us to comment.

I have started a few good informative threads and not had any response. It is a bit like you have no mates and quite demoralizing .

Regards Terry

PS:- David might say that is just because they're nonsense, bless him. LOL

8th March 2015, 18:34
You don't have to bless me Terry, I will wait for someone in higher authority to do that.


8th March 2015, 18:34
Thanks Terry

I spotted it on the MNDA Facebook page and challenged my local rugby club but sadly no response from them (yet!). Sorry I can't provide a link. Any fundraising is welcome as far as I'm concerned - better in the MNDA coffers than out.

They were singing a John Denver classic rather than an MND-related song, although they did mime a verse to show the difficulties faced if you lose your voice. They were challenging other clubs to get involved.

Billy (!)

Nettie B
8th March 2015, 18:38
Don't worry candle. A lot of us just flick through the titles of threads, see if it rocks their boat or not then choose what to read. If I had realised what your thread had in it I would have read it too. The only reasons that I didnt are that I'm ignorant and don't even know where Dorking is and that I have a lifelong lack of interest in sport of any kind. Maybe I shouldn't be so rash and in deciding what I read or not. Heartfelt apologies! X Nettie.

8th March 2015, 18:51
Hi Billy;

John Denver, that takes me back, I used to sing that out in my car with my four year old on long trips when I was building my house. He got quite good at singing them, but sadly he did not continue.


9th March 2015, 00:37

9th March 2015, 12:00
Thanks John for the link;

I wonder if Joycie could rewrite the words to Annie's song to reflect life with Mnd and get them to sing it?

Love Terry

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