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9th March 2015, 17:08
I think this all started because of me, that is why I have tried to keep out of it. I didn't think one word (Nonsense) could so much trouble.
I humbly apologise for my behaviour.
The good news is that I won't be on the foum much longer.
Love to ALL of you


9th March 2015, 17:18
Oh please don't talk like that Dave, you are a very special person who gives good advice and are appreciated by all. I hope we can all put it behind us and look on it as a learning curve. sprintime

9th March 2015, 17:19
david, it isnt your fault at all. it was combination of things that built up and got out of hand. Nobody wishes or wants to see you go.
best wishes,

9th March 2015, 17:45
David, it is no ones fault particularly - all the stars collided! You would never,ever meet a finer group of people than are on here This does include you. Much love. Joycie x

9th March 2015, 17:47

It was all a bit of a mix up and sometimes we read things a little wrong. Daily dribble is quite an apt thread for Mnd but was never meant like that, perhaps Mik's suggestion calling it the sunday saliva would have been better.

Sorry too be so lighthearted about things as I know some people are very upset.

I am sorry if anything I have said about you David has offended, I can not imagine what it's like for you.

Regards, Terry

PS:- David, it most certainly was not you that started it, might have fueled the fire a little.

9th March 2015, 18:22
Looking back I could have been more diplomatic, sorry, glad we are moving on.

9th March 2015, 19:50
Thank you all for your comments.
Just to clear one thing up. I am not leaving the forum I would miss you all too much. I meant the way I am at the moment I don't think I want to be alive much longer.
Another case of not making things clear so that they can be misinterpreted.
Thank you

9th March 2015, 20:18
I knew what you meant, David. I have been thinking of you so much today. I hope it went OK. RIP Mum. Much love Joycie x

9th March 2015, 23:17
Hi David x I don't think anyone would think it was good news about you not being here. You're a valued forumite tc Becky x

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