View Full Version : System datetimestamp on forum

Night walker
10th March 2015, 09:33
Hi System moderators & IT support

I am noticing a time difference on the time the threads are being posted to the actual time, they seem to be almost an hour in front in some cases. I am not sure why that is.
Does anyone know why?


10th March 2015, 11:24
For some reason if I am not signed in, the default time on the site is GMT+1, it shows at the bottom of the page as such. When I am signed in, posts reflect the correct times, as per my profile settings, including to automatically detect DST, which maybe the main site hasn’t.

Night walker
10th March 2015, 11:30
Hello Ellie.

Yes that's it! It's all to do if you are logged in or not. Thanks :) I couldn't fathom it out.

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