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10th March 2015, 15:02
I hate to read of people being in pain, living with MND is difficult enough!
Iíve been around the block with joint pain and, without wanting to sound like a school teacher :) it can be treated quite effectively with physio, medicines and mechanical interventions. These have given me much needed relief over the years:-
Nerve blocking injections into shoulder blade, lasts 3-6 months.
Steroid injections into the gap by the top of the humerus for frozen shoulder, lasts about 3 months.
Regular physiotherapy or hydrotherapy to keep all joints supple (mostly these are passive movements i.e. the physiotherapist moves my limbs because I canít)
Change of seat back cushion for wheelchair to give me better support.
Doing range of movement exercises (with help from children and carers!)
I wear ankle supports which not only help me to stand for transfers, but also keep the joints aligned.
I wear a Headmaster collar to stop my neck getting sore from holding up my head.
I often use a heat pack for a localised spasm.
And yes, I sometimes take painkillers, mostly ibuprofen.

I know that I am fortunate to have regular Community Team Meetings, chaired by my Case Manager, with my OT, Community Nurse, Physio and Care Agency attending (and occasionally, Dietitian) Any issues, including pain, are addressed at these meetings and actions agreed. My GP gets a report too.

Love Ellie x

10th March 2015, 15:47
I am suffering with 2 frozen shoulders at the moment. But last time I had cortisol injections they didn't work. I had acupuncture and it cured it. I am to contact my GP to arrange for acupuncture. It's really hard to reach for anything, can't even get my arms high enough to put my mask on. Also have arthritis in my knee and knuckles.

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