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27th June 2011, 12:42
No one in our large family has ever had MND

It started with me as a teen back in the 1970ís I broke my right index knuckle several times over. Each winter my right hand was no good in the cold weather.

Moving on to 2008 2009, I kept getting what looked and sounded like a hernia, (which turns out now to be my stomach muscles cramping up and locking). Then my speech started to slur something terrible in the cold winter. I had real problems catching my breath sitting watching Television, which turned out to Common Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Emphysema (basically meaning my lungs were now on their way out) Iíd stopped smoking seven months just before this too). Then ,y hand could no longer even write or sign my name

In 2009 more so 2011 I kept tripping over my right toes and started losing my balance (eg when taking or putting trousers on or off or standing up in the bath)

Then the yawning started, not because I was tired but because my blood was apparently starved of oxygen, then it was extreme cramps in yawning when sleeping and waking up. Them my right arm gradually ceased to be any use as my hand too could not function. Next I started to lose partial use of my right leg and the slurred speech became a daily event. It has occasionally been that the left side of my body too has the same occasional spasms. Then I had problems when eating, could not turn the food in my mouth and it feels the right side of my body is partially paralysed. Iíve started losing balance even when out now and in the home too, I know this is getting worse as months weeks and days pass.

And as you see with me it turns out to be Motor Neurone Disease, well at least we know what it is and thanks to the Internet we know what to expect

Recently I pulled all my poems off the three web sites as chasing countless cases of copyright abuse daily is not helping me at all, more so when you consider I am or was right handed

No idea if this helps any one recognise the syptoms but I hope so, apparently all are commom with MND

27th June 2011, 16:28
Hi Poet Christopher Robin

Your yawning might not be to do with being starve of oxygen. In MND one of the symptoms are exaggerated reflexes including the yawning reflex...I know when I miss or delay taking my baclofen drug i get excessive yawning.

24th July 2011, 14:25
Thank you Jeannie, I see the specialist on the 1st will certainly ask

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