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14th March 2015, 13:49
I have bedridden now for a couple of months at least only walking from bedroom to toilet across the landing. I have hospital bed but changed mattress to ordinary Silent Night.
Any way my problem is when is come back from the loo and sit on the bed I can't shuffle up to the pillows. Two frozen shoulders so they are not much use.
Bin liner. I asked my wife to get me a bin liner( she never listens to me so she brought me a recycling bag). Put on the bed, sit on it and shuffle like a baby, much easier then take it away.
Another problem fixed.

14th March 2015, 14:01
Our nurse told us for Parkinson sufferers they recommend silk pyjamas.

14th March 2015, 14:03
my OT said yesterday they were useful for putting on the car seat - but the bed is a good idea too, Dave x

14th March 2015, 14:52
I have "Windylet" sheets and a silk square over the top of it. It enables me to slid from side to side. If I have to move up the bed I tilt the bed up to assist. One safety thing, be careful you don't slide off the bed if you use slippy things.


14th March 2015, 15:30

14th March 2015, 19:19
We've been given a slide sheet but not safe to sleep on. Joe is totally dependent on me to move him in bed and the sheet made, from same material as used in a parachute, really helps. Your OT should be able to advise.

14th March 2015, 20:33
Be very careful with slide sheets - they can be very very slippery.

14th March 2015, 21:17
One of the good things about Windylet base sheets are that they have a 4 inch grippy area along the edges of the silk center. They are in the region of 100 but your OT might get them for you.

Love Terry

Nettie B
14th March 2015, 21:58
First time I helped move a patient in hospital on a slide sheet I hurt my back as I wasn't expecting it to move so quickly! Wonderful things when you know how to use them properly. I've only ever used them with at least two of us ... one on either side of the bed.

14th March 2015, 21:58

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