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19th March 2015, 08:23
Hello all. Our lovely CC told me some days ago to stop thinking about how long I have got, go out and live and buy some perennial plants to look at and enjoy in 2016 and 2017! So I bought some hellebores. Good old CC! I always thought I had the bipap machine because my CO2 levels were raised but yesterday, at Sheffield clinic, they said that the levels on the machine are registering normal. The only reason I had a bipap on trial was to get used to it before the PIG. So this is a great cause for celebration for me because I am well aware that these levels are critical in bulbar onset. So I am out buying some more perennials today.! Sheffield raised no issues with me yesterday - they were heartened by the fact that we had a wetroom, that we had ordered a rollator, a riser/recline chair and a pride gogo traveller motorised scooter (thanks, Terry for your advice on this). They said we seem to be one step ahead of the game but, for sure, we wouldn't be were it not for the tips and guidance offered by you all on this forum. It was heartening news yesterday. For all my positivity, it always crossed my mind that I would not live to see the summer bedding plants come out. Seems I might just do that now. I feel quite euphoric today Much love to all. Joycie x

19th March 2015, 09:31
Hi Joycie ,

I am so glad you listened and took CCs advice, rest assured that being positive and looking forward to things really is the only way , dwelling on the negatives serves no purpose , in the grand scheme of things we are here for such a short time so make the most of it don't let MND make your time any less valuable . We planted so many bulbs and shrubs most are in bloom already, I hope you have a great day as I intend too.


Pam S
19th March 2015, 09:38
Dear Joycie, you have put a smile on my face, keep planting, keep positive and have a great day. Pam. Xz

19th March 2015, 09:52
I know Pete. I am upbeat and positive, as you know. But still that little voice in the back of your head says "will see the bedding plants this year? Will I see next Christmas?" We are planning ahead. - the bucket list is ready! My garden is choc a bloc filled with hundreds of bulbs coming up now and I have great plans for next year! Yes, great day in store today and a busier weekend. Wedding in Newark Saturday, church with the bishop of Lincoln Sunday morning, then driving over to Rochdale to view an English springer spaniel rescue dog and then up to County Durham for daughters 40th bithday celebrations. All go here! Much love. Joycie xx

19th March 2015, 13:37
Hi Joycie

Your garden sounds stunningly beautiful ! Besides its beauty I hope your garden provides you with a sanctuary of inner calmness, and the positiveness of state of mind, and state of being. Soooo happy and thrilled for you that your C02 levels remained normal :)

Hope you fall in love with that English springer spaniel, rescue dogs are the best, (they know what you did for them) Will only bring more happiness, their love is limitless. Just keep him out of the garden you donít want him unnecessarily hosing down the hellebores :) lol


19th March 2015, 13:59

Ignore the little voice,it will go away,we know much better than to believe all you hear.

19th March 2015, 15:14
That reminds me Joycie that soon after my diagnosis, I needed new summer clothes and found myself in Primark because the T-shirts “wouldn’t have to last me very long”. Once the shock of the diagnosis lessened, I went back to buying clothes to last!
So, just as Pete is looking forward to his granddaughter starting school next year and I’m looking forward to my youngest starting secondary school this year, you go plant those perennials Girl!
Love Ellie x

19th March 2015, 15:47
I remember thinking that there was 'no point' in buying new clothes as I was going to lose weight and didn't know what size to buy. I haven't lost weight and have just decided I am going to splurge my small recent Premium Bond Winnings on new clothes in my 'normal' size!!!! I'm off to the dentist tomorrow for my 6 monthly check - that's something else which I thought 'what's the point'? but even though my stomach goes into knots at the prospect, I am still going.

19th March 2015, 15:49
Yes, good advice there. Pete and Ellie.

19th March 2015, 17:21
Hope you do OK at the dentist, Miranda. Not my favourite place in the world! But the buying of new clothes, that is more my style! x

20th March 2015, 03:26
CC, hello my friend!!!

Dentist, ugh!! Well, I'm due for a good cleaning. Should I go? Tummy gets upset at the thought!

Love, Lynne

20th March 2015, 14:05
I got through ok! And I am booked in again in six months.

20th March 2015, 14:33
I got through ok! And I am booked in again in six months.

With a dental tech and a dentist in the family,it's a place that's never bothered me ,but the school dentist was a very different proposition I can still feel the fillings being drilled.

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