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28th June 2011, 11:27
Hi I'm Zoe and hoping someone can help or advise.
My mum has MND and it was thought to be PLS but we seem to have a difference of opinion between specialists with regards to possible ALS. My Mums symptons were initially leg problems but in the last 2 years the stiffness has worsened and now she is unable to walk. She has hoists and various equipment to help but seems to be getting worse quickly. In the last 2 months she has lost some movement and strength in her arms and her voice is slurred and becomes tired making it difficult to talk. These are symptons of both conditions and I hate to ask but if anybody caring or suffering with MND could spare a bit of time and give me some indications of differences to look for or what I might expect I would be so grateful. I have read all the relevant info and they all say similar things but there is no clarification to distinguish between them. The reason this is so important is because PLS is the only form that is not terminal but can leave you totally paralysed and unable to speak, hence our confusion and lack of understanding with how to best deal with this. Thanks you
Zoe x x

28th June 2011, 14:42
Hi Zoe welcome ;-)

PLS only affects upper motor neurons, whereas als affects both upper and lower. Because the lower motor neurons in als are affected this results in muscle wasting.

28th June 2011, 20:27
Thanks Jeannie

29th June 2011, 20:15
Hi Zoe,

I was PLS that turned ALS. I have read of people with PLS passing quickly and 10% of people with ALS in the US survive longer than 10 years according to Wiki. I agree, confusing.

Best wishes


5th July 2011, 19:44
Hi Graham,

Thank you for taking the time out to reply. It is a great comfort to know that there are other people out there who understand and who can offer help and advice.

Take care


12th July 2011, 12:52
I know they have a leaflet on the MND site that describes the varying types, if I find I’ll add the link

This is the page its on

this is the actual link

MND Connect helpline