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23rd March 2015, 14:57
Our OT has just been and looking at my condition has ordered a hospital bed and a air mattress, should be here in a week. Everything is moving so quickly now.

23rd March 2015, 15:01
Sharyn was content with hers! She never snored in it so I was grateful!

Nettie B
23rd March 2015, 15:17
Perhaps I need one too then!

23rd March 2015, 15:34
Hi Trevor,
I have an air mattress and find it very comfortable. I don’t have a hospital bed.

23rd March 2015, 17:50
Trevor. The beds are very comfortable and easily adjustable. You'll be glad of it for resting although I know what you mean about feeling like another step in the journey. Thinking of you.

23rd March 2015, 20:18
I have been in a hospital bed 24/7 now for couple of months. It came with standard mattress which I changed for a normal Silent Night one. When I was in hospital I had the air mattress but hated it, very difficult to turn over. Now I can't turn over at all I think I may ask for air mattress.

23rd March 2015, 20:51
What I don't understand is that I can still walk aided with stick or rollator is that the minute I lay down on my side I can't get the strength to turn over or even sit up without help, my hips are getting sore from being in one position throughout the night

23rd March 2015, 21:23
Hi Jan;

I get sore hips as well if laying on my side for more than an hour. A hospital bed with high grab rails does make moving and getting up a lot easier.

Perhaps a different mattress might be better for you.

Love Terry

23rd March 2015, 22:38
its good to hear people are getting on well with their hospital beds, i really struggled with mine, i tried 4 different mattresses with and without overlays and i was in constant pain either sciatic or pressure. So now my OT and DN are out of ideas and i've been in my chair 24/7 since before christmas.
I must be such a precious little flower, the princess and the pea of the MND world.

24th March 2015, 06:59
I started a thread a wee while back in which I asked if anyone preferred Recliner to hospital bed? You qualify Mik.

Trevor all the best with your bed although I seem to recall you writing that you were very keen on staying in your 'normal' bed for as long as possible. I've become used to mine, but I still have a gas issue in the mornings (the recliner never gave me these). I sleep with my head and knees raised for comfort, but seemingly has created a 'dip' for gas to gather. In the morning when I get hoisted out of bed I give off some of my longest farts in my life. I've tried to dislodge some gas in the morning by sitting further upright with mixed results.

In my area incidentally the District Nurse ordered the bed.

24th March 2015, 09:59
Hi Trevor

My dad got new bed few weeks ago but he still gets in his old bed but he is in hospital this week and hopefully be coming home with niv so I will be having to spend few nights at dads so I will have to sleep in dads old bed and he will just have to get used to sleeping in new bed, but he just complains it's to small I guess when you slept in kingsize bed for years a single us just difficult to get used to.

Jennie x

24th March 2015, 12:04
Dear Princess Mik,
Have you tried an air mattress to avoid pressure points?

24th March 2015, 12:21
hi ellie,
i have tried an air mattress and i hardly slept for a week. I hated the noise from the pump and the motion just kept me awake. Like i say i'm a delicate flower.

24th March 2015, 12:28
You really are delicate Mik. :D
Jodie must be a saint!!

24th March 2015, 12:30
Well delicate flower, have you ever thought about a water bed? You could be a Lilly!! Lol noooo seriously Mik I don't know a great deal about water beds, but maybe worth looking into.
springtime x

Nettie B
24th March 2015, 19:34
Have you ever tried a lumber roll Mik. None of the professionals suggested one but I bought one off my own bat and it's helped my back a lot. I've had a jippy back for years ... work related I'm sure ....When Trevor was diagnosed I got the lumber roll as I knew I'd be needing an UN-jippy back!
Worth a try. I got mine on them internet. Its a Mackenzie lumbar roll and cost about 20.
Best of luck ... Nettie

24th March 2015, 22:31
hi nettie,
i have a make shift lumber roll on my chair, in the form of a large rolled up towel. I did try it in bed as my physio suggested but it didnt work out.
bloody hell i am delicate.

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