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Pam S
27th March 2015, 10:19
Yesterday I returned home after caring for Dad and it was obvious that My husband was quite stressed, he said he had had his worse day, the numbness and weakness that he has in his one leg has over the last few days affected his other leg and he was hardly able to put one foot in front of the other and keeps stumbling, the side of left hand into his finger was also giving cause for concern, as is the numbness in side of face chin and lips, and the crawling feeling in nose together with the vibrating feeling in forehead, could this be fasciculations, the muscle wasting is also getting worse.
On a more positive note our GP has at last got the referral letter off to Prof.Pamela Shaw at Sheffield and we are now waiting for an appointment to arrive so hopefully we will soon have answers as to whether or not these symptons point to MND or some other disease with same symptons.
My husband has faced a lot over the last 20years, but he fights back and has a positive attitude but this time he says he feels he faces a loosing battle. He is most comfortable when lying on the bed which gives his legs relief. Your thoughts as usual are most appreciated. Pam S x

27th March 2015, 11:44
Hi Pam;

There is an old thread with a little info:-


Crawling feeling in nose could just be a build up and it vibrating when breathing as we often have trouble with a build up of stuff in the nose. Not much use with the forehead but you should be able to see any muscles moving and twitching.

Not much help, Terry

Pam S
27th March 2015, 12:31
Thanks Terry, hope you have a nice day and the sun is shining down on you like it is here today. Pamx

27th March 2015, 12:56
Hi Pam,
I do hope your husbands appointment comes through quickly, this wait must be agony for you both.

Hugs Springtime x

27th March 2015, 13:42
Just for information, Pam. We were referred mid November and we got to see Professor Dame Pamela Shaw on 19th January. We returned for two days of tests, scans and a lumbar puncture in mid February and we got a diagnosis on 14th March, 2014. She is an exceptionally busy lady That was our time frame so you might have to wait a while yet. But it is worth it. Sheffield is a centre of excellence and they will help and advise as much as they are able, I am sure. So sorry to learn he has had a bad day. I am very unsteady on my feet now. I have brought the rollator into the lounge and lean on that for support. It is frightening when you are constantly in fear of falling. Much love. Joycie. Xx

Pam S
27th March 2015, 17:11
Thank you Springtime, I hope so too but I keep telling myself we are one of many and each one means as much to their partners as mine to me so we have to join the queue. Xx

Pam S
27th March 2015, 17:14
Thank you Joycie, we just have to sit back and wait, hard to do but we are not on our own, sending you love and hugs xx

27th March 2015, 23:32
Like Springtime I hope it comes through quickly! I find it strange that there is no one closer! Xx

28th March 2015, 10:56
Dear Pam

Sorry to hear about hubby's bad day. I had, from even before my diagnosis in December 2014, a numb nose and still do. I agree with Terry.

Hugs to you all out there

Pam S
28th March 2015, 13:01
Hi Dave I would go any distance to find the answers, Dave had Gamma Ray Surgery at the. Hallamshire 3 years ago for Trigeminal Neuralgia, which was a complete success, we did wonder at one point if this could have contributed to the facial Symptoms but we were assured by the neurologist here that 'definitely not' Pam x

Pam S
28th March 2015, 13:03
Thanks Anna, it has been suggested that it is nerve ends dying off, but hopefully we will soon have some answers, Pam xx

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