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Da Doo Ron Ron
30th June 2011, 14:10
Too beautiful a day in Sussex to do the '..sorry for myself...' thjing , so hoping that you all are enjoying the sunshine too, here are some of my reasons to be cheerful, if they are of any interest -
1. My wonderful wife of some thirty something years, Gill, who is my rock as we negotiate this rather new and unexpected adventure called 'living with MND', and who is uncomplaining that it isn't likely to improve and will inevitably get a bit gritty, by all accounts.
2. Our amazing big grown up girls, Hannah and Polly, who are always there for us and are a continual source of delight and pride in so many diferent ways.
3. Our lovely family, friends and neighbours in our local village community who can't seem to do enough to help us keep going with invaluable encouragment and support.
4. The brilliant health proffessionals at UCLH, our GPs surgery and the local hospital who are always available and in whom we have such confidence that everything that can be done, will be done.
5. The fantastic visitors and volunteers of our branch of the MNDA who give so generously and unstintingly of their time and energy to help us.
6. All the cheerful staff and helpers at St Catherines Hospice who have helped and advised so much, especially with the flippin' paperwork!
....... and I could go on but I will desist, for now! If I were a religious person I would be thanking Him for all of the above (as well as the sunshine...) and enquiring whether they are all actually guardian angels, in their own way. But I would also be having a not so quiet word about our good frends' fourteen year old who recently lost his brave fight with cancer.....but that's another story. perhaps for another day.
......ah, a cold nose has just reminded me, did I mention...
7. Our soppy black lab Winnie and her side kick black and white tomcat 'The Lad' (...with Russian trouberts..) who have always contributed unconditional love to this household? Well, I have now.
Off to find someone to hug....
Be lucky, everybodypeeps. Ron

30th June 2011, 17:32
Great Ron, you certainly have plenty of support around you. Great positive atitude ;)

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