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3rd April 2015, 19:13
Just need some advice about a Nutrionist, my husbands coughing and choking has worsened and we have been referred to a Nutrionist has anyone seen one of these and what do they do
Thank you

3rd April 2015, 21:04
Hi Queenie,

Sorry to hear your husbands coughing has gotten worse, basically nutrition and dieticians are much the same, counting calories and giving advice on what is sensible .
I have a lovely lady who has given me so much help and ideas of how to make food still viable for me, I don't have nor intend to get a feeding tube ,so for whatever reason I can still eat quite a varied list of foods ,yes they are sometimes very odd combinations ,but I also take ensure drinks that give me a balanced diet, liquids can be tolerated by using straws and food with a bit of thought can still be enjoyed,and no I still cough and splutter but it's worth the effort,if you don't know already one easy tip is keep your chin tucked in as that helps reduce choking when eating, and concentrate on eating don't be distracted just eat slow chew as well as you can . Hope that helps

4th April 2015, 15:07
Hi Queenie,
I presume it’s an NHS Nutrionist? FWIW, I can tell you of my experience with a Dietitian, whose role is slightly different, and I’m in a different, but similar enough health service!
She took my height and weight, ascertained my mobility, then calculated my optimal daily calorie and water intake. She went through my diet to see if it was balanced and made suggestions on how to increase calories. I should add that I get approx. half my calorie intake in a PEG feed.
Does your hubby see a SaLT? They advise on tips to help with swallowing, like Pete’s above and can also do a Videoflouroscopy as he swallows food/liquid to see if anything goes down the wrong way.

4th April 2015, 15:52
Thank you both yes we do see a SALT specialist and had a swallow X-ray in December and changes were noted but they now think it's changed again as coughing and choking are more regularly not just for eating but sleep as well, they have told him to think about a PEG but declined as doesn't feel the need at the moment but the Nutrionist will advise us more

4th April 2015, 16:46
If he is thinking of getting a PEG, I can’t stress enough how much better it is to have it done sooner rather than later. The healthier he is, the quicker and easier his recovery will be.
He doesn’t have to use it until he is ready, it’s his insurance policy. I know it sounds daunting, but in reality, it isn’t.

4th April 2015, 20:03
Thanks Ellie I have read all I need to no about PEG and have tried to talk to him but he is a stubborn bugger he has fought head on and all he is worried about is playing his drums which very soon will be packed away and then I think the reality of his MND will hit and into a snowball we go !!!!! Until he is ready I just have to wait...........

4th April 2015, 21:20
That's all you can do, Queenie. People make their own decisions, don't they? I never wanted it but decided to have it done, for insurance really as Ellie says......... I am still eating and drinking 3 months on and the last thing I want to is to use the feeding tube, but it is there if I need it for sustenance and/or medication. There are other things for you to worry about, by the sound of it. Much love. Joycie x

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