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4th April 2015, 14:29
Reading Mik thread, and reading Joycie’s response made me think; Where there is life there is hope.

Nicholas Grillo and his gang are fighting the good fight. Relentlessly pushing to fast track GM6 with the FDA. Peter Frates with his IBC brought forth the money to support research and what is needed for those with this illness. If and when the two come together there is the real possibility of hope.

Hope floats without it we are left with despair. I hope for those of you suffering you all find the hope as well as inner peace, strength and a calmness for yourself. As well as able to see all the great and wonderful things in life that that you still have right at your fingertips that bring you joy and happiness.

To those that feel their bodies have become useless. In my opinion, it is the furthest thing from useless, only comprised, challenged and changed from what you once had. You are still here, giving and contributing with your spirits because that’s who you really are.

Without you, and your bright spirit the light goes out. To me, all of your lights are still shining brightly on this forum.

Be well, stay well :)
CC xox

4th April 2015, 20:14
Kind words xxx

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