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6th April 2015, 21:09
Hi Everyone,

My husband wears a Resmed Quattro FX full face mask for approx 11 hours at night and 1 - 2 hrs during the day. He is starting to find that the cushion part of the mask becomes less effective and feels like it's leaking after only a couple of weeks. I just wondered how long other people get before they need to change theirs.

He has been using the machine for just over a year now due to rising CO2 levels. Only very occasional headaches on waking and no sleepiness or confusion during the day. He doesn't find that it gives him more energy during the day.
The " hangover without alcohol feeling" still persists and he just feels generally worn out.

I guess I just want to check it's the equipment and not a deterioration.

Any feedback greatly appreciated.


7th April 2015, 08:57
Hi pepper,
when was on my resmed vpap i couldnt get on with full face masks, i had terrible problems getting them to seal properly. I was wondering if your husband had tried nasal pillows, it was the only masks i could get on with.

7th April 2015, 12:23
I have been wearing Resmed Quattro FX for over a year 24/7. Sometimes during the day I wear a nose pillow. The cushion part of the mask is supposed to be replaced every month but most respitory clinics can't afford this, 50 each. I have had them last three months but you have to tighten the headband and it gets uncomfortable. The head band is only supposed to last two months according to manufacture.
When wearing the mask for a long time like 11 hours the elastic in the head band loses some of its elasticisity so becomes looser making the mask leak.
I have two masks and if one leaks after a while I have to wake my wife up and change the mask.
If the bridge of the nose gets sore put some Vaseline on and then some non woven swabs or something and it reduces the soreness.
Anything else I can help you with just let me know.

7th April 2015, 17:45
Thanks Mik and David,

We have changed the head gear and that has helped - definitely a lot tighter and a better fit. Would agree our supplies from Respiratory won't last changing the cushion monthly! His nose is starting to mark where mask is cutting in so will give the Vaseline a go before it gets worse. Thanks again for your help. :)

7th April 2015, 18:21
Hi Pepper, my hubby used to get a sore nose with the mask and we found that the really cheap fabric plasters made a good cushion across the bridge and did not affect the seal round the edge. It is a matter of trial and error on what suits one does not suit someone else. Hope it gets better. Diane

Night walker
7th April 2015, 20:48
Hi pepper,
My hubby has the same issue with leakage and he pulls the straps so tight it takes several hours for the marks to fade. we use a single layer of gauze to help with the bridge of his nose but I have to say his face has looked sore some days and I put my moisturiser on it (he's worth it). We are on our 2nd mask and head straps and I think I will be looking to replace those in the next week or so else he will have the straps cut into his face. He only needs the nippy overnight. Our next trip to Papworth is in June but so far he is doing well on it.
Hope things get better for your hubby.

9th April 2015, 22:49
Thanks Jangobie & Night walker,
Good ideas, I will bear them in mind. He does get lots of marks on his face but most go within a few hours of removing the mask.
I sometimes wonder that when he has problems with the effectiveness of the mask this may be because an increase in pressure is needed. His settings are quite low 11.5 and if we increase (started at 10) it needs to be done gradually as he can't tolerate a big increase.
Just wondering what settings others use or is it all very much individual?

10th April 2015, 02:32
My setting is 10.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))) ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


10th April 2015, 08:21
Hi Pepper, Ed's settings were 18 and then rose to 26. Diane xx

10th April 2015, 22:26
Thank you Ladies ��
He just seems to tire so easily at the moment. A short trip down to the beach in the car seems to leave him drained, and that is just staying in the car! We aren't due back at Respirarory Clinic until August however I think if things are still as they are in a few weeks I will give them a call and pop up and get his blood gases checked. Realistically I don't think there is much more that can be done.

Nettie B
11th April 2015, 04:39
Pepper. Would it be worth phoning the Respiratory Clinic to ask for their advice about the breathing?
Our clinic didn't provide an outreach service for our town but I would think most do have ways of helping if hubby isn't well enough to make the journey.
My hubby started to feel the pressures on his Nippy were not high enough. I phoned our centre (Papworth) and they talked me through how to change the settings over the phone. The new settings helped him. If they hadn't they would have helped me get them right for him, again over the phone.
It's always possible that it could be a combination of settings that are now too low for him and a little deterioration. Higher settings could well help on that case.
Do check with the Respiratory. Centre Pepper. You will know you've done as much as you can do. bearing in mind that travelling sounds out of the question if hubby gets so tired.
Another thought. Does he have a humidifier with the Nippy ventilator?
I knocked it over once and the pressured went down a bit as getting the filter wet blocked it a bit. The filters do need changing from time anyhow. Again this was sorted from a distance. They dent us a new one in the post which arrived nr,t day.
Good luck Pepper. XX Nettie

12th April 2015, 15:57
Hi my husband wears his 24/7 the time the cushion lasts varies. I get them from the OXford sleep clinic. They are pretty good at replacing them. But I do buy them on line from resmed. They are costly. They tend to get baggy and uncomfortable. I wash them frequently but they don't look very Nice after a while. The straps do relax after a while too , and I have bought them but again they do not come cheap. Give your provider a call I'm sure they will replace them for you.

13th April 2015, 23:12
Thanks Nettie,

Yes I think you are right it looks like he would benefit from increasing the settings on the machine and I have suggested it. He is going to wait a week or so and if he still feels the same we will give it a go. Like you Respiratory have talked me through how to change the settings so we can do this when he is ready. It may just have been a blip, time will tell - it's Spring holiday so boys are off school and home from uni so not so peaceful during the day and that might have something to do with it!
No humidifier- he tried it but didn't like it.
Thanks for being so helpful , this much be such a difficult time for you.
Thinking of you.
Love Pepper x

2nd July 2015, 17:04
Hi Everyone
I'm terribly claustrophobic and got very upset with the two masks Papworth tried on me for a Nippy. Now I'm going in for an overnight stay to monitor me. My probem is I can't get my arms up high enough to get a mask off and this scares me. Has anyone had the overnight stay in Papworth? Can you tell me what to expect. Love Rainey.

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