View Full Version : Tell Patrick off Hollyoaks to join our forum

7th April 2015, 12:36
We could save his life!

7th April 2015, 13:41
I have reached out to Patrick. We will see if Channel 4 respond.

7th April 2015, 23:07
Great thinking. Look forward to hearing what they say.

Becky x

7th April 2015, 23:22
Does Patrick have MND?

8th April 2015, 21:16
Channel 4 replied by saying that they don't make Hollyoaks, they only put it on the TV screen and that Lime Pictures produce the soap.

So I have now sent a message to Lime Pictures, telling Patrick that he must join our GM604 campaign to save all our lives.

For those of us with slower MND will remember Patrick the Optimist. It is coincidental and fitting that another Patrick could deliver for us, but then again, I could be getting ahead of myself. We will see.

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